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how to make gingerbread cookies

I ALREADY HAD EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THESE INGREDIENTS GUYS!! A lot of recipes had things like molasses and specific salts or flours that nobody actually has, so basically I put together a recipe where you most likely have everything already!! •INGREDIENTS• flour (3 cups) ground cloves (1/4 teaspoon) cinnamon (2 teaspoons) ginger (2 teaspoons)…… Continue reading how to make gingerbread cookies


how to get in the christmas spirit!!

I’m posting this the day AFTER Thanksgiving, that makes it totally acceptable! Are you proud of me for waiting? I am! But now that Thanksgiving is over, it’s time to get in the Christmas spirit!! First off you HAVE to makeaChristmasplaylist to listen to! To be completely honest I made mine right after halloween… Arianna…… Continue reading how to get in the christmas spirit!!