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I’ve been a bit missing on my blog over the last 2 weeks and the reason for that is just simply school! I was gone from school a bit and I was catching up to where my classes are at. Now that I’m almost caught up I will get back posting every Friday! 

A few days ago I also wanted to change my blog theme (website setup) and I love the one I found! I also wrote a new about, took a new profile picture, made a new tab icon etc. I think that it fits my style way better than the old ones. That makes me super excited to spend a lot of time taking my pictures so hopefully you see my quality get better too!

You can also see above that I’ve been messing about with the fonts and how I add them to my thumbnails. I’m not 100% sure if this will be my permanent font but I really love it on this post! 

I’ll be back to posting next Friday with a DIY!!

Thank you so much for reading, liking and commenting on my posts, it means so much me!! Have an awesome week!


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10 Photography Tips + Hacks!

10 Photography Tips + Hacks! Hi, it’s Carly and in today’s post I have some of my favorite and best tips to take better photos. Hopefully these will help you out whether you’re taking photos for your blog, Instagram or just for yourself! 1. Try Different Subject Arrangements  Taking a bunch of photos of different… Continue reading 10 Photography Tips + Hacks!

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How I Edit My Photos!

How I Edit My Photos!

Hi, it’s Carly, today’s post is on how I Edit My Photos! This was requested by: brennacrochter so shoutout to her for the idea! Disclaimer: I take all my photos on my Samsung phone (a better camera is on my Christmas wishlist!) but I did the editing on my iPod so I could take the photos with my phone if that makes any sense 🙂


I mainly use 3 apps to edit my photos for my blog, I use “VSCO cam” the most for all more simple editing like exposure, contrast, saturation etc. Any photo I have with words of any type on it I used “Pic Monkey”. Finally mainly just for thumbnail collages, I use “POTO.”



The first thing I do to edit my photos is increase the exposure, I use VSCO cam to do this. I increased it about +3 or +4. This one of my most important step because I like to have my photos really bright and colorful!



My next step is to increase contrast, I also do this on VSCO cam. This helps make the image easier to see and details not blend in as easier, I only do this to +1 though.



The next thing I do is “Highlights Save”, it’s on VSCO cam and honestly I’m not sure exactly what this does, but it adds some vibrant-ness to my photos with making them too bright, I increase this to about +5 or +6!



My next step is to decrease the tempature, increasing it adds more warm tones and decreasing adds blue and I prefer blue tones in my photos. I use VSCO cam to do this and I decrease it to -1.



The final thing I do with VSCO cam is to increase the saturation. I only increase it to +1 because I don’t want to add to much to make it look to edited. I then save the photo to my gallery.


That’s all I do for simple photos, but if I want to do a thumbnail this what I do:


The next thing that I do is to make a collage with the photos I want to use for the thumbnail. As I said I use a app called POTO to do this, I just choose the photos I want and then choose the format for them.  Next I just save the photo to my gallery.



The final thing I would do is I would add words using pic monkey. My two favorite/most used fonts are “Deep Impact” and “Grand Hotel”.


There’s how I edit my photos! Thanks again to brennacrochter for requesting this post! I had a lot of fun making it! I hope you enjoyed this post and have a great day!


P.S. My best friend Abby just started a blog, it’s !

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50 Blog Post Ideas!

50 Blog Post Ideas!

Hey guys it’s Carly, so today’s post is on some ideas for blog posts. I have 50 different ideas and if you want me to do any of these comment down below. Also a lot of my ideas have blanks that you can fill in to make your post more original! Now let’s just get started with the post ideas!

1. Morning Routine

2. Night Routine 

3. _____ Life Hacks

4. DIY ______ Room Decor 

5. _______ DIYs

6. DIY Food/Treats

7. ________ Favorites

8. DIY Birthday/Holiday Gifts

9. ________ Essentials

10. Study Tips/Life Hacks

11. ______ Haul

12. DIY ______ Hairstyles 

13. Testing ________ DIYs

14. _______ Advice/Tips

15. What is on/in my _______

16. _________ Struggles

17. Lookbook/Outfit Ideas

18. DIY _______ Clothes

19. Traveling Hacks/Tips

20. Redecorate With Me

21. ________ Collection 

22. How to Start a Blog

23. ________ Gift Ideas

24. ______ Bucket List

25. DIY Stationary 

26. DIY Jewelry/Accessories

27. What to do on a Lazy Day

28. ________ Travel Diary

29. _______ Tag

30. How I Edit my Photos

31. How to Make/Save Money

32. DIY Party Decor

33. ______ Challenge 

34. How to be Productive 

35. How to Clean/Organize

36. How to Style ________

37. How to Redo Your Room

38. What to do When Your Bored

39. ______ Review 

40. Workout Routine/Motavation 

41. DIY Pillows

42. My Favorite Quotes 

43. Positivity Hacks

44. 20 Facts About Me

45. Q&A

46. Cute Picture Ideas 

47. DIY Mood Board

48. Favorite Music/Songs

49. Blogging Tips/Hacks

50. How to Reach Your Goals 

I hope you enjoyed this post and it gave you some ideas for your blog and have a awesome day!