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Unicorn-Inspired DIYs!

I kind of have a unicorn obsession. They’re just so bright, pastel and colorful! I wanted to do some unicorn DIYs and this is what I came up with! Also you could alter these to another animal or something if you’d like but I love unicorns so… 

DIY #1: Unicorn Emoji Notebook

This is definitely my favorite DIY and it’s this emoji notebook! I love the unicorn emoji so much, it’s always my most used…

I had an old notebook that was already decorated but I didn’t like it anymore, so I wanted to redecorate the cover. 

1. Start by putting a large blob of glue on the cover, then use your brush to spread it evenly over the whole notebook. Just make sure you don’t add too much, because that could cause bubbles of glue under the paper. 

2. Then stick the scrapbook paper onto the glued-cover. Also, put it as close as possible to the spiral if your notebook as one. 

3. Next cut around all the edges, as close as you can to the cover.

4. Your notebook should then look like this. You could always leave it like this too.

5. Then put your emoji facedown on a piece of paper and cover the back with glue like you did the notebook.

6. Next stick it onto the notebook wherever you’d like. 

6. Repeat gluing on emojis until your notebook is covered.

DIY #2: Rainbow Unicorn Canvas

The next DIY is this rainbow unicorn canvas. Mine turned out a little messy but I still think it’s super cute! 

Paint colors:

  • Red
  • Orange
  • Yellow
  • Green
  • Blue
  • Purple (or mix red and blue like I did)
  • White (if you’d like lighter colors)

1. This is optional, but I wanted to lighten all my colors so I mixed a blob of white paint with each color. I also ran out of purple, so I made some by mixing red and blue with white.

2. Next, stick a bunch of small tape balls -as many as possible- on the back of your unicorn. I recommend adding more than I did my making them small for the smaller parts.

3. Stick your unicorn to the middle of your canvas.

4. Begin painting your stripes onto the canvas. You could use tape to make a straighter edge to the stripe, but I liked it a little “messier”.

5. Continue making more stripes in all your colors. When you paint close to the outline, try to go up and down with the brush instead of side to side to avoid paint going under as much as possible.

6. After you finish, you can go over them again to make the stripes more opaque.

 7. Without letting the paint dry, peel off your unicorn from the canvas.

8. Mine definitely didn’t have a perfect line, so I got white paint to do a few touch ups on the places where the paint went under.

Let it dry and then you’re ready to decorate with this colorful canvas!

DIY #3: Unicorn Emoji Pin

The final DIY is this unicorn emoji pin! I’ve seen these in stores before so I wanted to DIY my own with stuff I had at home.

I printed off a unicorn emoji from Google and found a safety pin in a sewing kit. I already had everything else in my craft drawers.

1. Start by tracing your unicorn emoji onto the cardboard and cut it out as close as possible to the lines. 

2. Then add a blob of elmers glue to your cardboard outline. Use a brush to spread it evenly over the cardboard.

3. Stick your paper emoji to the cardboard outline and let it dry.

4. Next, using hot glue, glue the safety pin to the back of the cardboard. Make sure you don’t glue down the opening side, by opening it. 

You can pin your pin anywhere you’d like, on a shirt, pencil bag, backpack, canvas etc.

I hope you enjoyed this post and have an awesome week!


Drawings and Doodles

How to Draw Sea Turtles!

Hands down, one of my favorite things to draw is a sea turtle! Their so colorful and fun so I thought I would share how I draw them. Turtles are actually pretty easy so you should really try them out! Also I found this much easier to follow using the pictures than words so I recommend that. 

Colored Pencil Colors:

  • Black 
  • Shades of Light Turquoise 
  • Light Pink
  • Light Purple
  • Red
  • Orange
  • Yellow
  • Green
  • Darkish Blue
  • Dark Purplish Red
  • Dark Pinkish Red

1. Begin sketching out the outline of your turtle, first add a large bump of the shell. It should be off-center towards the head.

 2. Next add the small back legs using the shape above. While drawing this, there should be no straight lines. 

3. For the head, give an indent from the shell and then draw the head outline. Don’t forget to draw the mouth too. I made a super siple one with two curves.

 4. Then add a soft curve on the bottom to make the stomach.

5. On the more detailed outline, start by with the outlines of the shell. They should be pretty rough and curved as a shell would be. 

6. For the two larger fins, start by making a curved triangle a little less than a centimeter away from the body. Then using small curved lines attach it to the body. The second fin should have straighter edges. It starts like a rectangle, but one side goes down and connects instead of being straight.

7. Then following the picture above or just doing it yourself, add the markings to the shell.

8. Next draw on a bunch of tiny, close rounded triangles and other shapes to the inside of those 2 fins (they’re the front ones)

7. Then add the “fish scales” to the other two fins (the underside of the fins)

8. Next carefully fill in the triangles on the final with a black pencil as above.

9. Outline the other (scales) fins with back pencil.

10. Then color in the front fins with a red to orange to yellow to green ombre.

11. Outline the markings on the shell with the darker blue. Then with the darkest shade of turquoise begin at the far two sides of the shell. Then using your other shades, get lighter as you move to the middle. Make sure you blend then as much as possible. 

12. On to the head, start by drawing an outline of the eye so you can work around it. Then cover most of the area (above the mouth) with the same triangles you filled the front fins with. Stop them at about where the mouth ends. 

13. Add a small pupil to the eye, then begin filling in all the triangles with black. After that, color in the head and neck with a shade of turquoise or light green.

14. Then going on to the stomach, first color it with a redish, dark purple. 

15. Then add lots of tiny black circle outlines filling the area. Make as many as you can fit.

16. Finally color the inside of the circles with a pinkish red.

That my finished turtle! It looks better from far away as zoomed in you can see all my small mistakes which is okay! I’m still learning colored pencil and I think this is a good drawing to start off with.

I hope you enjoyed this post and try out drawing a sea turtle. Have an awesome week!


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DIY Summer Room Decor! 

I’m so excited, it’s finally summer! I love making my room feel like it too. I also just redid my room for summer so I wanted to make some DIYs for it. I have 4 DIYS to share today and I love how they all turned out!

DIY #1: “Hello Summer” Canvas

The first DIY is this summer canvas! I’m still in school so whenever I see it gets me so excited for the coming summer. 

  • 2 colors that would make a nice color when mixed for the middle of the ombre
  • An accent color for the words

1. Start using your first color to paint a little less than 1/2 of the canvas. Don’t let this dry before doing the rest!

2. Mix together your two colors to make the transition shade of the canvas. Then paint this in the middle going over the pink specifically to blend the colors together. 

3. Next using just the other color, paint the rest of canvas and part of the mixed color. Just as you did before, blend the two colors together.

4. Your canvas should then look something like this – it’s an ombre so the blending doesn’t have to be at all perfect. Let this dry.

5. Next begin painting on your phrase. Obviously, I chose ‘hello summer’, which I love. I first lightly painted an outline and then went over it darker.

There’s my finished canvas – I love how it turned out! It’s so summery and colorful!

DIY #2: Phases of the Moon Wall Hanging

The next DIY is this phases of the moon wall hanging! I just used cardboard for the inside and scrapbook paper for the pink. It was so cheap to make. It took some time, but not too long. 

I traced a cup to make the circle cutout I used for the moons. 

1. Trace your circle onto the cardboard 6 times to make all the circles you will need.

2. Cut out the circles (yes, I made extras, but you only need 6)

3. Phase-shapes you’ll need:

  • 1 Whole Moon
  • 2 Half Moons (cut the whole in half)
  • 2 ~1/4 Moons (bottom left)
  • 2 ~1/6 Moons (bottom right

4. Trace your cardboard shape onto your scrapbook paper. Make sure to trace it on the other side (the back) so you see the pencil marks on the front (which I learned later on).

5. If the shape you are doing has a straight edge, cut off the corners as above. On ALL of the curves, cut a lot of tiny slits in the paper going up to the pencil marks. 

6. Use one longer piece of tape to tape down the straight edge at once. Fold down each of the tiny parts as tightly as possible to make the edge as flat as possible. Then using a small piece of tape, tape down a few pieces.

7. Repeat the taping process with all of your pieces. They should then look something like this.

8. Using a medium size piece of tape, tape your string to the back of each piece keeping an even space in between them.

There’s my finished phases of the moon hanging! Obviously this one is different and that’s because I made another one for my sister and this one’s mine.

DIY #3: Pineapple Wall Art

The next DIY is this pineapple wall art! You can make as many or as little as you’d like to fill as much wall space as you want.

To find my pineapple outline, I googled “pineapple outline”. 

1. Start by tracing your pineapple onto the back of your scrapbook paper.

2. Repeat making as many pineapples as you’d like.

3. Then, cut out all of your pineapples, this took me awhile because mine was detailed and I wanted that to show.

Finally you can hang them all up on your wall! I made mine close together and put them in a smaller area but you could place them however you’d like.

DIY #2: Color-Blocked Jars

The next DIY are these color-blocked jars. I wasn’t planning on doing these but I was making them anyway so I decided to include them! They are so easy and minimal but they look so cute.

I chose to make 2 jars with pink for one and blue for the other but you’ll obviously need as many jars as you would like to make. You can also use whatever colors you want to fit you.

1. Wrap a piece of tape as straight as possible around the jar, with as much as you want to paint uncovered.

2. Simply paint the bottom of the jar up to the tape. The tape will prevent paint from getting on the rest of the jar.

3. Without letting it dry (paint might peel around the tape if too dry), peel off the tape.

4. Repeat steps 1-5 with all of your jars.

Here are my finished jars! I filled one with pencils and it’s now at my desk and the other I made into a tissue jar using an idea I found on Pinterest.

I hope you enjoyed this post. It feels so great to be posting again! Have an amazing week!



Blog Update♡

I’ve been a bit missing on my blog over the last 2 weeks and the reason for that is just simply school! I was gone from school a bit and I was catching up to where my classes are at. Now that I’m almost caught up I will get back posting every Friday! 

A few days ago I also wanted to change my blog theme (website setup) and I love the one I found! I also wrote a new about, took a new profile picture, made a new tab icon etc. I think that it fits my style way better than the old ones. That makes me super excited to spend a lot of time taking my pictures so hopefully you see my quality get better too!

You can also see above that I’ve been messing about with the fonts and how I add them to my thumbnails. I’m not 100% sure if this will be my permanent font but I really love it on this post! 

I’ll be back to posting next Friday with a DIY!!

Thank you so much for reading, liking and commenting on my posts, it means so much me!! Have an awesome week!



How to Fall Asleep Faster!

How to Fall Asleep Faster! 

Hi, it’s Carly and in today’s post I have 10 tips to fall asleep faster! I’ve struggled to fall asleep in the past and these have all helped me so hopefully they help you. 

Let’s get started with the first tip!

1. Listen to Sleep Music

I have a CD of ocean and forests sounds that I got a year ago and it is amazing! There was also a Spotify Playlist I found, but I think I prefer the nature sounds. Just find what you like and turn it on when you can’t sleep.

2. Try Yoga Before Bed

Yoga, and just strenching in general, is very relaxing to me. So, if I’m stressing, I’ll just stretch out a bit. 

3. Rapidly Blink Your Eyes for 30 Seconds

When your eyes just are too awake to close them, try rapidly blinking your eyes for 30 seconds. This will tire them out and make it easier to close them and then fall asleep.

4. Try a Calming or Sleep Scent

I find that for me scents are very calming so I like to have a scented spray. For me, minty/eucalyptus scents are the most calming, but a lot people like lavender too.

5. READ!!!

No, not instagram captions! Instead of going on your phone, read a book! This was an absolute game changer! I think the only reason I even sleep is from reading before bed! 😂

6. Try Brain Teasers

This will tire out your brain to make it much easier to fall asleep after. Whatever you like from crosswords to sudoku.

7. Write Down Ideas or Thoughts

If you get into bed and then realize something, try writing down those ideas and thoughts to do them in the morning. This works very well for me so hopefully it helps you too!

8. Try an Eye Mask

If you get easily awoken by sunlight, try using a sleep mask that won’t let the light in! 


This is probably the biggest tip ever: no electronics before bed!! I’ve heard there is a light given off by screens that makes it harder to sleep but also I find it more stressful at night than reading or just thinking.

10. Try Breathing Exercises/Techniques 

If you are struggling to calm yourself down enough for sleeping, try breathing exercises! My favorite is the 4-6. Basically you breathe in for 4 seconds, out for 6 seconds.

I hope you enjoyed this post and these tips help you as they’ve helped me. 

Have an amazing week!


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10 Photography Tips + Hacks!

10 Photography Tips + Hacks! Hi, it’s Carly and in today’s post I have some of my favorite and best tips to take better photos. Hopefully these will help you out whether you’re taking photos for your blog, Instagram or just for yourself! 1. Try Different Subject Arrangements  Taking a bunch of photos of different… Continue reading 10 Photography Tips + Hacks!