100 things to do in 2018

A (very) big bundle of things that help you have a better 2018; ideas of acts of kindness to others and yourself!


  1. wave or smile at strangers (unless they look like a murderer)
  2. drink more water
  3. don’t stress over what you can’t control
  4. quit a bad habit like biting your nails or procrastinating
  5. take a relaxing bath
  6. take more photos
  7. don’t go on your phone right away in the morning
  8. read more
  9. find a creative outlet (like blogging, drawing/painting, editing, writing, etc.)
  10. give more attention to a pet
  11. tell your family you love them
  12. bake cookies for your friends
  13. instead of hiding out in your room, be with your family more
  14. don’t overextend yourself
  15. get photos printed and put them up
  16. clean out drawers
  17. donate old stuff
  18. re-evaluate your commitments
  19. take care of your skin & follow a routine
  20. avoid bad fast food
  21. have no-makeup days
  22. don’t forget to water your plants ;)
  23. make your bed
  24. move around some decor for a fresh space
  25. go to bed extra early sometimes
  26. make a to-do list
  27. send someone a cute/long text
  28. say hi to people in a store (again not if they’re a murderer though)
  29. take out your likely overflowing trash
  30. turn your phone off all the way so it can sleep at night and so can you :)
  31. give yourself a mani/pedi
  32. buy someone a small gift
  33. give a list of reasons why you love someone
  34. thank a bus driver
  35. say good morning to your teachers (even if you think they hate you lol)
  36. make a lit playlist and jam
  37. do a quick stretch/workout to stay active
  38. sit up a bit straighter
  39. forgive someone you have a grudge against
  40. have something special (like a tradition) with your parent(s)
  41. instead of being on your phone watching beauty youtube videos or scrolling though makeup instas; read a magazine, you can get a similar thing.
  42. wear a dress just because
  43. use a polaroid more
  44. don’t be on your phone much when you’re with friends
  45. challenge yourself not to go on social media before school
  46. fix broken things
  47. stop holding grudges
  48. give 100 compliments in a day
  49. make something instead of buying it
  50. go for a walk or run outside
  51. write things that make you happy
  52. do something with your grandparents
  53. be patient with people
  54. go out more
  55. don’t pass up opportunities
  56. play board games instead of phone games
  57. don’t judge people too quick
  58. hug your family & friends
  59. set goals
  60. smile at yourself in the mirror
  61. listen to your pump-up music (mine is rap)
  62. explore in your own town
  63. play with little kids
  64. leave your comfort zone
  65. do your work at school
  66. complain a bit less but don’t be afraid to rant when you need to… ;)
  67. have a pamper night
  68. declutter who you’re following
  69. delete old posts
  70. go through your photos
  71. clean out your backpack and locker
  72. wash your makeup brushes
  73. ask people how they are and listen to the response
  74. clean your own dishes
  75. leave candy or gum where your friends or family would find it
  76. sneak small things into your friends backpacks (like a piece of gum for them to find later)
  77. look through old family photos
  78. wash your pillowcases/sheets
  79. play really loud music with friends and be dumb lol
  80. don’t use your phone when it’s charging
  81. go out with your friends!
  82. don’t be afraid to spend a weekend at home watching netflix either!
  83. go to free events cause why not?!
  84. don’t forget to brush your teeth twice!
  85. watch more movies
  86. express thankfulness
  87. smile or wave to babies and toddlers
  88. call or email your grandparents
  89. don’t think about the dumb stuff you did
  90. eat some fruits/veggies
  91. point out in the mirror something you like about yourself
  92. accept your flaws cause nobody’s perfect
  93. try to do a push-up if you can’t
  94. clean up your floor
  95. eat a salad
  96. think of something your thankful for
  97. eat breakfast
  98. drink water with your breakfast
  99. laugh off dumb things you do
  100. learn from mistakes but don’t dwell
  101. donate $1 to charity

Wow! That was a lot but I really really hope this post helped you out!

<3 carly

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