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day in my life; mall + movies w/ friends

I thought it’d be fun to just carry my camera around for a day :) This day me and some friends went to the mall, then saw Pitch Perfect 3! I also took some blog photos, went to barnes & noble and more…

After waking up and eating breakfast, I go into the bathroom to do my skincare routine and brush my teeth. I wash my face with Clinique Acne Solutions and apply the Clarifying Lotion that went with it.

After my bathroom stuff, I went on my phone for a bit and texted/snapped some people, checked socials etc.

Then I actually started taking blog photos! I’ve been posting twice a week (even if it’s the wrong day…), so I needed some fresh photos!! I set up with a marble tile on my bed for a background and started taking some photos for my next post.

Now starting to get ready for the mall, I first straightened my hair! Then to add to that I put the top half of my hair into a bun with hair ties and bobby pins. While getting ready I always watch Netflix and as you know, I’ve been binging Gilmore Girls so I watched an episode of that.

For my makeup I did foundation, concealer, highlight, eyeshadow, brows and mascara. Above is the eyeshadow look I did that day! Sorry for the weird lighting where one eye/brow looks so so much darker than the other…

Here is my outfit I chose, I’m wearing a pink off-the-shoulder top and ripped jeans I wear too much, both from Macy’s! I also wore some Bearclaw boots (like Uggs).

Before driving to my friends to go to the mall, me and my dad stopped at Barnes & Noble and Petco.

I actually had a Barnes & Noble gift card so I bought the book “To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before”,which I’ve read before and really liked it so I wanted a copy to reread!

^ My friends making fun of me and my other friend taking a photo of our smoothie bowls lol

As I said, we saw Pitch Perfect 3 and I really loved it!! I preferred it to the second one for sure, as it had a much better plot… I definitely recommend seeing it!!

When I got home I first chilled on my phone a bit and then worked on the sketch of this drawing! I’m drawing Dua Lipa and I believe this is her album cover. I’m really enjoying this one so far :)

After drawing for a bit I went down and ate dinner with my family! Afterwards we watched some college football bowl games too.

Then I wanted to take a bath with these salts my mom gave me for xmas. It was so so nice and smelled so so good too!! Afterwards I got all ready for bed by finishing my skincare routine (mentioned in my last post), brushed my teeth and changed into pajamas.

Before going to bed, I facetimed someone and then read! I was reading the book I bought today (again) it’s so so good :)

Please comment down below what posts you want to see in 2018!! Hopefully you enjoyed this one!

<3 carly

19 thoughts on “day in my life; mall + movies w/ friends

  1. Love this post! Some posts I’d like you to do are any kind of collections you may have (lip balm collection, bbw collections, etc), some of your recent sketches, and how you clean/organize your room. –Lena

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  2. You seemed like you had a pretty good day! Very chill and relaxing! I wanna see pitch perfect 3 soon so that always sounds good! Glad you are getting your daily dose of Gilmore Girls! Hehe!
    Ellie x ⭐️ 🐠

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Looks like you had such a fun day! Ahhhh I love that book! Have you read the second book? It’s also really good :). Also, your pictures are adorable! What do you edit them with? Had so much fun reading this! Xx, Stell♡

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