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~These are just a few of my favorite things~

I hope you guys all had a great holiday season spending time with your family. I was so happy for my first white Christmas since 2008! The snow was beautiful and ah I just loved it :)

I did post on my current favorites a few months ago and loved it too, so get excited for favorites and more in 2018!

Starting off with beauty, I recently bought the Elf Liquid Eyeshadow in “Copper” and it’s so beautiful! I usually do a basic eyeshadow look, then add a bit of this to my lid and slightly blend it with a dab or two of a flat brush. Elf as a brand is cruelty-free and really inexpensive too!

I got the Clinique High Impact Mascara as a holiday gift from an order I placed and it’s such a great mascara! I find it looks pretty natural but makes your lashes look amazing too!

I used the Mario Badescu Rose Water Spray in my recent makeup post where I used it as a setting spray, but I honestly just spray it on my face throughout the day cause it’s so soothing! It smells amazing and was only $7 at Urban Outfitters :)

You can see as it’s almost gone because I’ve been loving my Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturizer! Wow all the Clinique stuff (not sponsored lol), I just love them! It moisturizes and calms your skin without making it extra oily or clogging your pores.

Woooowwww so much Clinique!! My skin has been breaking out a bit recently so my mom suggested I try the Clinique Acne Solutions (3 steps)! I’ve found it’s already been helping my skin without making it angry. I use step 1 (cleansing foam) & 2 (clarifying lotion) in the morning and step 1 (cleansing foam), Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturizer (not technically part of the set but needed for my dry skin) & step 3 (treatment) at night.

So I kinda have a phone-dropping problem… I broke my old phone and when I got a new one I made sure to get a very protective case and screen protector so I bought the Otterbox Clear Case which is so sturdy! I also love that it’s clear so I can put different stickers on it as well.

Scrunchies! Are! Amazing! I’m so glad their back as a trend because they are so freaking cute and comfy! If you’re looking for a good spot to buy them, I recommend Claire’s, Urban Outfitters, Icing, etc.

Another hair accessories I’ve been living in are bandannas! Sadly their not allowed at my school so I can’t wear them then, but you bet I’m wearing the tied around my head (as shown in my winter look book) all weekend/break lol.

Lastly for fashion, I’ve been loving my Pink “Old Skool” Vans! (yes i’m a bit basic) I’ve recently been loving Vans so I was so excited to get these and their so cute but comfy too.

I don’t have many songs that aren’t Christmas songs as that was what I was listening to most of December…

  • 8TEEN – Khalid
  • rockstar – Post Malone
  • REPUTATION ALBUM BY TAYLOR SWIFT (I got tickets and I’m so excited!!)
  • 1-800-273-8255 – Logic, Khalid, Alessia Cara & Juanes
  • Unforgettable – Swae Lee & French Montana
  • Gucci Gang – Lil Pump

Going on to my Netflix favorites, I first have Gilmore Girls! Ifinished the first season within a week (not normal for me lol) and it’s so cute and just an amazing show!!

One of my friends sorta MADE me watch The Office but I’m so glad because it’s so funny!! I’ve only made it though like half a season though because I put it on hold for Gilmore Girls but it’s been great so far and I’m definitely going to continue watching!

Another friend suggested me to watch Friends as for some crazy reason I had never watched more than a few episodes and it’s great! Again it’s really funny and just fun to watch :)

Finally to end this post, I have my favorite youtubers!

  • Mia Stammer – Her vlogmas was my favorite of the year and all her vlogs are just so fun to watch!
  • ClearlyChloe – Chloe makes great lifestyle/beauty videos along with some vlogs.
  • Ellie Thumann – I’ve probably mentioned Ellie before but she makes great videos & instagram posts!!
  • emma chamberlain – Emma is so funny omg!! I love her personality :)
  • Sadie Says Hey – Sadie makes really well filmed and edited videos that are super aesthetic and she’s so sweet!!
  • Reese Regan – In my last faves I mentioned her vlog channel but recently I’ve been extra obsessed with her main which is just as amazing!

<3 carly

18 thoughts on “current favorites

  1. Aw, I loveeee all of your favourites! I have been watching Gilmore Girls for like 2 years now ( yes, I’m a slow watcher) and I am currently up to Season 6! You are at the early start and you are up for a big surprise! (In the later seasons!) keep watching it gets better and better! 💕👌🏼 I am trying to get my hands on the Mario badescu rose water spray but I can’t find any in Australia! I also love your bandanas and I have a little collection too!
    Ellie x 🌴💖

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