diy christmas room makeover!!

IT’S DECEMBER GUYS!!!! In honor of that I had to COMPLETELY makeover my room for the holidays! If you can’t tell (no, you definitely can…) I absolutely love the holidays. It really is the most wonderful time of the year!! I have 4 DIY’s and ways to decorate, including a finished tour to share so let’s get started!

Starting with the DIYs, I have this ribbon garland! It’s kinda like a present bow but like a tie?? I don’t know how to describe it, but it’s really really easy and festive!

You don’t need much for this DIY; just a few colors of ribbon, clear string and scissors.

1. This is so simple, but basically just tie a bow-like knot with the ribbon around the string.

2. Repeat tying the “knots” making them evenly spaced along the string. It’s much easier just to follow where the strings are in the picture than my attempt at explaining it.

I hung my garland on my headboard with just some tape. I already some fairy lights above my bed too and later on added tinsel :)

You know those chocolate calendars where you get a chocolate a day until Christmas? Yeah, we’re making that just without the chocolate…

Pick out some holiday colored scrapbook paper, matching binder clips, any tape, pen and pencil, ruler, cardboard and scissors. Wow that’s a lot hahahah!!

1. Place your cardboard (mine was 4 by 6 inches) on the back of scrapbook paper about an inchawayfromthecardboard and cut the corners too.

2. Then cut out and wrap the paper around your cardboard and tape it down.

3. Using a pencil, make your rectanglenumber cards outline on your paper. Mine were about 9 by 4 centimeters or so.

4. After making both your colors of rectangles and cutout all of them.

5. With your sharpie, write numbers 09oneachcolor of paper. I made my writing pretty thick, but just do your best to make each number look similar.

6. Then, cut out a bottom piece so that the pieces fit like above. Write “days until Christmas” onit as well. Which as you’ll see later, I forgot the “n” in “until”, I REALLY CAN’T SPELL omg lol!!!

7. Using your binder clips, clipuptheamountofdaysuntilChristmas! (ps it’s only a month away I’m so hyped!! Omg don’t even get me started lol)

I just surrounded it with some other cute Christmas decor on my desk, so I can keep updated everyday on how many more days lol. (also yes, the spelling is killing me too)

I saved my favorite DIY for last, I was so happy when I was looking at plastic snowflake lights at Target and thought of this! It’s basically decorated lights based off paper snowflakes…

I got my lights from Michaels (on sale for $5) and other than that, just some printer paper, scissors and a ruler (not shown oops).

1. Cut a bunch of 4 by 4 centimeter squares, to make your snowflakes from. (measure with pencil/ruler first)

2. Start making the snowflakes by folding your paper in half-triangles 3 times. Basically make as many right-angle triangles as possible by folding.

3. Then, cut out shapes and edges from your folded triangle. Just make sure to make a tiny hole in the middle of the snowflakes; use later to string it on your lights.

Does this not remind you of being a kid or what?!

4. Going on, unfold your snowflake and be amazed by its beauty ;)

5. Repeat to make as many paper snowflakes as you’d like. Above are a few ideas for patterns you could make too.

6. Then using the middle holes I mentioned, thread your snowflakes on your lights. Try to make them as evenly apart as possible too.

I put my lights on my shelf around some other decor and I love them!!


So this post isn’t a million years long, I’m just going to include the room photos as you can see for yourself what I did to decorate :)) (full non-xmas tour here)

I hope you enjoyed and got LOTS of room inspiration :)

What are you waiting for?? Go decorate!!!

<3 carly

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