what i eat in a day

Eating healthy is so hard, but when you do, you feel so good!! (my healthy tips post if you need some help there ;) I always find posts like this really inspiring, especially when the food isn’t too hard or time consuming to make, so everything takes around 5-10 minutes!

I wanted to make it clear before starting that I am a vegetarian. Also excuse the photos, I made it 100% real so early morning and night photos :/


For breakfast I made oatmeal with raspberries andabitof brown sugar! Oatmeal keeps you full all day and the berries and brown sugar add more flavor. I also just drank a glass of water with this.


For lunch I made avocado toast and my family was getting McDonalds so I got a strawberry banana smoothie!

I simply toasted my bread, sliced up avocado and they spread it a bit on the bread! I used a seed and oat bread, which is my favorite for toast! (also it’s really good for grilled cheese)


I didn’t realize this until now, but for snack I made another smoothie! I made this one at home though so I have a recipe :)

First, add a banana, a bit of milk and 3 spoons of yogurt to the blender. Then add whatever FROZEN fruits you want and blend!! I usually use a mixture (depending on what I have) of blackberries, blueberries, strawberries and raspberries.


Usually my mom makes dinner, but she was out so I made spaghetti and a knock-off Panera salad.

I just boiled some water and made spaghetti. I added some marinara sauce to the top.

Then to make the salad which is a knock off the asian chicken salad from Panera (without the chicken obviously). I just got some mixed lettuce, added avocado (I always sub chicken for avocado at Panera) and sliced almonds. I had some leftover of the exact dressing used at Panera that I added as well.

I hope you enjoyed this short post and got some healthy food inspo! Also comment your favorite healthy meal down below!

<3 carly

14 thoughts on “what i eat in a day

  1. All of this looks so good! I really need to adjust my diet to eat healthier. I’ve been seeing a lot of these healthy food posts lately, and honestly all of it looks so good. I’ve actually never had avocado on toast before. I would love to get some and try it, but I have a question. Once you slice the avocado, don’t you have to use the whole thing right away or it turns brown and goes bad? I know I seldom buy guacamole for that reason, so I was wondering. Also, I love smoothies so those look delicious!

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    1. yeah, i used to eat pretty bad too but in the last year or so have been adjusting that. i find that i can use one half of the avocado and then put it in a sealed bag/container in the fridge and then be able to use it later that day just fine! i had one half on my toast for lunch and the other half in my salad for dinner for example. thank you <3

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