everyday fall makeup

I don’t usually do much makeup on my blog, but I love fall makeup – specifically eye shadow, all the nudes and shimmers!! Also, I’m definitely not a makeup artist, so if you doing something wrong or it looks bad, sorry!! This is just what I do and enjoy so I hope you do too! I don’t wear this everyday either – I will often just go with BB Cream and mascara but that’d be a really boring post so here’s what I do when I feel like trying harder.

Starting off, after washing and moisturizing my skin, I go in with color correcter. I absolutely love this one from L’oréal. With this one I only need the smallest dot to cover any redness. I then blend this in with a damp beauty sponge.

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Next, I use concealer, which I much prefer to foundation. I’ve been using this concealer for almost two years and I haven’t found anything I like better! I find it to have really good coverage and it’s not too cakey. I’ll put this over the color correcter and on any other spots and blend with the same damp sponge.

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On to powder… I use this NYX translucent (no, I’m not actually THAT pale, but almost :)) loose finishing powder. I prefer loose and translucent powders as I find it less noticeable but just as effective on my dry skin. I sweep the smallest amount of this to set concealer with this elf powder brush. I love elf brushes so much!! I found their products cause me to break out a lot, but their brushes are great.

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Highlighter has recently become one of my favorite products!! I got a set of Benefit highlighter minis for my birthday and I love it so much! My favorite is definitely high beam. I just put a few dots of this on my cheekbones and cupids bow. I blend it with either my finger or a sponge depending on how lazy I am.

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I. LOVE. THIS. PALETTE. SO. MUCH!! I got it in June and I’ve been using it ever since. I have blue eyes and love shimmers, pinks and nudes, and this palette is full of them!


I start with a light pinky-nude all over the lid with a concealer brush (yes, that’s not an eye-shadow brush – fight me). Then I go in with a gold/nude color with a fluffy (actually eye-shadow brush, whoa!) in the crease. Next, I apply and darker pink/purple/nude to the outer corner with a denser brush. Finally, I go in with a shimmer white in my inter-corner to brighten up my eyes.

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I also use the same palette to fill in my eyebrows a bit… I use this dark brown (it’s not shimmery in real life, I swear; I don’t have shimmer eyebrows but that could be a new thing!) I just fill in some sparse areas and then brush them out with a spoole to blend it in a bit and put them in place.

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Finishing up eyes, I apply this Maybelline mascara. I got this recently and it works amazingly! It’s waterproof (great for sports) and gives so much volume and length to my short lashes. I only apply to my top lashes because I always mess up bottom lashes and end up with mascara all over; it’s just a mess lol.

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Lastly I will just apply a fall colored, light lipstick. I love these two Burt’s Bees lip shimmers because they’re not too out there, but they’re really fall and pretty. They are also not drying, which is good for the colder fall weather.

I hope you enjoyed and I didn’t do too much wrong!

<3 Carly

18 thoughts on “everyday fall makeup

  1. I really liked this sorta post you did! 💕 I loooove the eyeshadow palette too (i am definitely going to buy one!) I am really simple with my makeup too, I usually just do a bit of concealer and mascara! 😂 Although it is spring right now – DAMN! Complete opposite! And I only do mascara on my top lashes too because i stuff it up as well! Lovely post 😄
    Ellie 🌺 🌴

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