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DIYs to do When You’re Bored!

I don’t know about you, but I love the free time in the summer! Eventually, I start to run out of things to do, so I came up with 5 summer DIYs that are perfect for when you’re bored! 

1. DIY Abstract Canvas!

The first DIY is this abstract canvas using a spread paint technique. 

You can use as many or as little colors as you’d like. I recommend making sure that when the colors mix they don’t make a super ugly color. 

1. Using a large brush, put a large blob of paint on your canvas. 

2. Repeat with all of your colors until about this much of your canvas is filled. The more paint you put on, the more the colors will mix.

3. Then, using your cardboard card, go up the canvas spreading the paint around. Try to only spread the paint up, not down or to the side.

4. Keep spreading until your canvas is filled as much as you want it to be. I filled mine but I think it would look cool if you left spaces too.

5. Let it dry for a few hours and you’re done!

This is one of my favorite DIYs in this post and I recommend you try it out!

2. DIY Ice Cream S’mores!

I don’t know why but these are so freaking good! I’m literally obsessed and eat these so much. You’ve probably seen a similar thing made with cookies instead of graham crackers, but here’s another “version”. 

As normal s’mores would have chocolate and marshmallow inside, I used sprinkles and ice cream in their place. Sprinkles are optional, though. I’ve had them without sprinkles and it’s still really good.

1. Super self-explanatory, but put a small scoop of ice cream on one graham cracker.

2. Then push the ice cream between the crackers. 

3. Turn your s’more around as you sprinkle on the sprinkles. I went a little heavy with the sprinkles, but use as much as you’d like.

I made another one for my sister and she agreed with me that they are really good!

3. DIY Abstract Circles Canvas

I wasn’t expecting this one to turn as well as it did, considering the pattern was made with a toilet paper roll but I love it!

1. Cut up your paper roll into as many colors of paint as you have. If you have more than four, find a taller roll or use two.

2. Paint on a thick layer of paint to one side of the paper roll.

3. Press the painted side onto your canvas for a few seconds and the remove. 

4. Repeat pressing on the painted rolls, making sure they overlap.

5. Make some circles that go off the edge, making half circles which make the pattern look more natural.

Instead of putting my canvas on the wall as normal, I used it as a tray or coaster for some decor! I recommend finding new ways you can use canvas, especially if you make as many as me.

4. DIY Collage Squares

(Yes, I know, these are rectangles). These mini collages are so cute when paired in a group! You can make as many as you’d like depending on the space you want to fill.

I found this scrapbook paper in a book from Michaels and it is really cute! You could also print images to use instead.

1. To make a background, spread a thin layer of glue onto the cardboard. Then stick on simple scrapbook paper or colored paper.

2. Cut around the excess paper leaving a space and then cut off the corners like above. Next put glue on the edges and stick them to the back of the cardboard.

3. Cut out all of your images as close as you’d like.

4. Spread glue evenly onto your images and stick them to the cardboard. I recommend layering them and mixing designs.

I stuck things on each other, cut things in half, used only parts etc. to make it more abstract-like.

5. DIY Mandala Canvas

Last, but definitely not least, I have this mandala canvas! If you didn’t know, I’m obsessed with mandalas so it was matter of time before I made a canvas of one for my room.

You can use any color of paint that you’d like. I chose black because I love b&w mandalas.

1. I have no idea what this thing is called but I use it so much to make circles! 

2. Fill your canvas with circles, making them pretty wide as you’ll be painting in patterns between them.

3. Fill in each of the spaces with a pattern. Again, make these VERY simple as you’ll be painting them in.

4. Begin to paint over the pencil using a very thin brush. Take your time to make the paint as precise as possible.

You can paint yours as messy or neat as you’d like. As you can probably tell, I went for the messy look.

I hope you enjoyed this post and have an amazing week!


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