Summer Morning Routine!

I don’t understand why, but I love reading/watching morning routines! I wanted to share my current one, which I’ve made over the summer so far. 

1. Wake Up ☀️

Obviously for it to be a morning routine I would have to wake up! In the summer I wake up naturally around 6-7 am. 

2. Breakfast 

I will then roll out of bed and go straight downstairs for breakfast. I’ve really been working on eating semi-healthy breakfasts because I just feel better after. I know, avocado toast is so basic, but it’s actually really good!! I also try to not go on my phone right away in the morning and I’ve been getting way better about it too!

3. Art, Blog, To Do’s etc.

Then I will go back up to my room and probably make my bed. Before getting ready, I will just work on some art, a blog post, something on my to do list etc. Today I worked on editing the photos for this post!

4. Shower/Bathroom Stuff

Next I will get in the shower. I’ll just wash my hair, use soap and wash my face. After I will brush my teeth and hair.

5. Makeup/Hair

I honestly don’t wear makeup much in the summer, but when I do, I keep it very simple. I often just wear a cc cream and moisturizer. When I do more of a full routine, I will start with moisturizer and then a bit of concealer, powder, highlighter & bronzer, simple eye shadow, brush out my brows, mascara and maybe a lip product. 

For hair, I’ll do an easy braid, ponytail or just leave it down. My favorite hairstyle recently has been 2 dutch braids.

6. Outfit

I thought I would share a quick ootd in this post! I just wore a t-shirt that said “good vibes only” which is my favorite phrase ever (Amazon) and plain denim shorts (Target). For shoes, I wore a pair of simple light pink sneakers (DSW).

7. Out the Door

Honestly, I don’t leave my house everyday in summer, but I like to spend as much time outside as possible so I’ll spend some time in my yard. Today my friend and I took some photos which turned out really cute!

I hope you enjoyed this post and feel free to share your morning routine in the comments! 


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