How to Draw Sea Turtles

Hands down, one of my favorite things to draw is a sea turtle! Their so colorful and fun so I thought I would share how I draw them. Turtles are actually pretty easy so you should really try them out! Also I found this much easier to follow using the pictures than words so I recommend that. 

Colored Pencil Colors:

  • Black 
  • Shades of Light Turquoise 
  • Light Pink
  • Light Purple
  • Red
  • Orange
  • Yellow
  • Green
  • Darkish Blue
  • Dark Purplish Red
  • Dark Pinkish Red

1. Begin sketching out the outline of your turtle, first add a large bump of the shell. It should be off-center towards the head.

 2. Next add the small back legs using the shape above. While drawing this, there should be no straight lines. 

3. For the head, give an indent from the shell and then draw the head outline. Don’t forget to draw the mouth too. I made a super siple one with two curves.

 4. Then add a soft curve on the bottom to make the stomach.

5. On the more detailed outline, start by with the outlines of the shell. They should be pretty rough and curved as a shell would be. 

6. For the two larger fins, start by making a curved triangle a little less than a centimeter away from the body. Then using small curved lines attach it to the body. The second fin should have straighter edges. It starts like a rectangle, but one side goes down and connects instead of being straight.

7. Then following the picture above or just doing it yourself, add the markings to the shell.

8. Next draw on a bunch of tiny, close rounded triangles and other shapes to the inside of those 2 fins (they’re the front ones)

7. Then add the “fish scales” to the other two fins (the underside of the fins)

8. Next carefully fill in the triangles on the final with a black pencil as above.

9. Outline the other (scales) fins with back pencil.

10. Then color in the front fins with a red to orange to yellow to green ombre.

11. Outline the markings on the shell with the darker blue. Then with the darkest shade of turquoise begin at the far two sides of the shell. Then using your other shades, get lighter as you move to the middle. Make sure you blend then as much as possible. 

12. On to the head, start by drawing an outline of the eye so you can work around it. Then cover most of the area (above the mouth) with the same triangles you filled the front fins with. Stop them at about where the mouth ends. 

13. Add a small pupil to the eye, then begin filling in all the triangles with black. After that, color in the head and neck with a shade of turquoise or light green.

14. Then going on to the stomach, first color it with a redish, dark purple. 

15. Then add lots of tiny black circle outlines filling the area. Make as many as you can fit.

16. Finally color the inside of the circles with a pinkish red.

That my finished turtle! It looks better from far away as zoomed in you can see all my small mistakes which is okay! I’m still learning colored pencil and I think this is a good drawing to start off with.

I hope you enjoyed this post and try out drawing a sea turtle. Have an awesome week!


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