How to Fall Asleep Faster!

How to Fall Asleep Faster! 

Hi, it’s Carly and in today’s post I have 10 tips to fall asleep faster! I’ve struggled to fall asleep in the past and these have all helped me so hopefully they help you. 

Let’s get started with the first tip!

1. Listen to Sleep Music

I have a CD of ocean and forests sounds that I got a year ago and it is amazing! There was also a Spotify Playlist I found, but I think I prefer the nature sounds. Just find what you like and turn it on when you can’t sleep.

2. Try Yoga Before Bed

Yoga, and just strenching in general, is very relaxing to me. So, if I’m stressing, I’ll just stretch out a bit. 

3. Rapidly Blink Your Eyes for 30 Seconds

When your eyes just are too awake to close them, try rapidly blinking your eyes for 30 seconds. This will tire them out and make it easier to close them and then fall asleep.

4. Try a Calming or Sleep Scent

I find that for me scents are very calming so I like to have a scented spray. For me, minty/eucalyptus scents are the most calming, but a lot people like lavender too.

5. READ!!!

No, not instagram captions! Instead of going on your phone, read a book! This was an absolute game changer! I think the only reason I even sleep is from reading before bed! 😂

6. Try Brain Teasers

This will tire out your brain to make it much easier to fall asleep after. Whatever you like from crosswords to sudoku.

7. Write Down Ideas or Thoughts

If you get into bed and then realize something, try writing down those ideas and thoughts to do them in the morning. This works very well for me so hopefully it helps you too!

8. Try an Eye Mask

If you get easily awoken by sunlight, try using a sleep mask that won’t let the light in! 


This is probably the biggest tip ever: no electronics before bed!! I’ve heard there is a light given off by screens that makes it harder to sleep but also I find it more stressful at night than reading or just thinking.

10. Try Breathing Exercises/Techniques 

If you are struggling to calm yourself down enough for sleeping, try breathing exercises! My favorite is the 4-6. Basically you breathe in for 4 seconds, out for 6 seconds.

I hope you enjoyed this post and these tips help you as they’ve helped me. 

Have an amazing week!


10 thoughts on “How to Fall Asleep Faster!

  1. I actually had a hard time sleeping lately, for about 2 nights. I had no idea why, I usually fall asleep so quickly. But, I found the culprit: my phone. Recently I was using my phone-excessively. This is why I was a little inactive lately. Great post!

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