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How to Do The Pull Through Braid!

How to Do The Pull Through Braid!

Hi, it’s Carly and in today’s post I have my favorite braided hairstyle for the spring/summer months. Especially in the warmer months I find it so annoying to have my hair in my face so this will help keep it out while being really cute. 

Let’s get started with the hairstyle!

Hairstyle: Pull Through Braid!

I’m absolutely loving this braid! It can be a little tricky and slightly time consuming at first but gets really easy and pretty quick after trying it a few times. This is my favorite braid ever for keeping your hair 100% out of your way, especially in the summer.

To do this style, you will need one “normal” hair tie as well a bunch of small little elastics.

1. Start by using the larger hair tie to put all of your hair into a high pony tail.

2. Separate the top half of your ponytail and put on of tiny elastics on it about an 1 inch away from the ponytail start.

3. Using your fingers, make a hole through the top, tied layer.

4. Pull the bottom layer of hair through the hole made in the top so it should look like this.

5. Repeat the same steps to tie away the newly-made top layer like above.

6. Then make a hole in the top tied section and pull the new bottom through that to make another “knot”.

7. Repeat steps 5-6 to make as many more “knots” until you have done as many as you possibly can.

8. After making the last “knot”, to end the braid just wrap another small elastic around both layers to hold them together.

I hope you enjoyed this quick post and try out the hairstyle. Have an amazing week!


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