I’ve been wanting to write a post like this for a long time, I wanted to share my experience with, well worries in the last year or so and what I learned from them.

Starting off, I’m the type of person who will absolutely freak out and get so stressed about the smallest things. I’ll just be sitting there and then I’ll think about one mistake I made and then I just couldn’t stop. I would think about everything I had ever done wrong and struggled to get myself to calm down. 

Other times it will be the future, I’ll worry things like what if I flunked college? What if someone I love passed? Would I ever recover? 

None of this was making me happy, a better person or ever better at anything. I knew I’d have to get past it to be truly happy. Obviously I’m not an expert but here is some of the things that helped me.

1. One thing I often did was just go and sit down, turn off the lights and just first ask myself “why are you worried about this?” Depending on the reason I would try to in my mind to come up if this was to happen, what I would do about it.

2. Another thing that helped me when I was stressing about mistakes was to just tell myself that first of all, everyone makes mistakes. Then ask myself what did I learn from this? If I had learned something valuable then I could let go of the mistake and keep the lesson. 

3. After I calm myself with one of these I would just go downstairs and give someone a hug. I would just give myself -no matter what I still had to do- about 30 minutes to sit and draw while watching a favorite show.

One of my favorite quotes for worries is “worrying does not take away tomorrow’s troubles, it takes away today’s peace”.

This is definitely nothing like the post I normally make but it is just something that I wanted to share if maybe some of you were going through something similar.


16 thoughts on “Worries…

  1. It happens. It’s life. It means you care. I find doing the things I love can take my mind off, like painting my nails with a bright colour, listening the music I love, playing with my dog.

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  2. Sometimes when I can’t sleep I think about embarrassing things I did years ago, that I’m sure no one else remembers. I don’t know why those things still come to mind sometimes.

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  3. This is such a great great post! I’m exactly like you – I’ll overthink the smallest things or unnecessarily worry about things I can’t change and these are such a helpful tips! You’re so right – worrying about things does nothing for you!! xxx

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  4. One of my favorite books on worrying is “How to Stop Worrying and Start Living ” by Dale Carnegie. It’s worth the read. Don’t You worry, though, a lot of people go through the same things as you (myself included 🙂).

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