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DIY Room Decor 2017!

DIY Room Decor 2017!

Hi, it’s Carly and in today’s post I have some room decor DIYs! These are not specific for a certain season because sometimes you just need some year round room decor. I have 3 awesome DIYS to share so let’s get started!

DIY #1: DIY Tassel Pillow!

The first DIY is this tassel pillow! I have shown how to make tassels at least once or twice but I will show how again in this post specific to this DIY.

I actually made this pillowcase but you could easily buy it as well.

1. Start by wrapping the string around a few of your fingers around 50 times.

2. Then take another small piece of string and thread it through the middle of the string-wrap.

3. Tie the string into a knot around the top of the bundle as so.

4. Next wrap another piece of string 2/3 to the top of the bundle and tie it.

5. Cut through all the loops at the bottom.

6. Repeat steps 1-5 to make a bunch more tassels to fill your pillow.

7. Then add some hot glue to the back of your tassel.

8. Stick it on your pillow.

9. Repeat gluing on the rest of your tassels, I spaced my tassels about an inch apart.

That’s it! I actually made this a while ago but I haven’t shared it in a post so I wanted to because it’s so cheap but looks so nice!

DIY #2: DIY String Canvas Art!

The next DIY is this string canvas. It’s a extremely simple idea but I thought it was really cute and looked nice on my wall.

I first covered my cardboard with some blue construction paper to cover the boxes pattern.

1. Cut a semi-long piece of string and tape the end down to a random place on the back of your cardboard.

2. Wrap that piece around the cardboard radomly until you run out of string, then tape the other end to the closest place on the back.

 3. Repeat with as many colors as you would like to fill as much of the space as you’d like.

It’s so easy but I think it looks good and I really recommend it.

DIY #3: DIY Fabric Tassel Garland!

The last DIY is this fabric tassel garland! These tassels are made much differently then the previous, but they still look pretty similar.

You can use whatever patterns or colors of fabric you’d like to fit your style, I chose a light pink striped and flowers. I also forgot to include hot glue in the photo but you will definitely need it.

1. Cut a piece of fabric about 18 inches in height and as long as you’d like (longer=thicker tassels). Then fold it in have “hotdog” way with the crease on top.

2. Next cut strips of fabric upward not reaching the fold. Mine were about 1 cm wide, like fringe. 

3. Then roll up your fabric from the top as so.

4. Glue the end to the roll to secure it.

5. Repeat to make as many tassels as you’d like to fill your garland.

6. To attach them to a string, put a blob of hot glue on the back of the rolled fabric and stick on the string. Repeat to glue on all your tassels.

That’s it! There’s your fabric tassel garland, it can seem really difficult at first but after the first 1 or 2 it makes so much more sense.

I hope you enjoyed this post and try out the DIYs. Have an awesome week!


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