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Spring DIYs You Need to Try!

Spring DIYs You Need to Try!

Hi, it’s Carly and in today’s post I have 3 awesome DIYs that you should try this spring! You could do these any season but they just remind me of spring when I see them. I had so much fun with these so you should definitely try them out!

 I hope you enjoy and let’s get started with the first diy! 

DIY #1: DIY Patterned Canvas! 

The first DIY is this patterned canvas with a heart in the middle. It was so cheap and easy to make but it turned out so cute.

I used cardboard instead of a canvas because you will be covering it with scrapbook paper anyway so it doesn’t matter what you use. You could also use whatever paper you want to fit your room and style!

1. Start by tracing your cardboard onto your scrapbook paper. Then cut that out leaving at least an inch around it.

2. Next cut tiny squares out each of the corners of the scrapbook paper to make it fold over so much cleaner.

3. Then fold each side of the paper over the cardboard and tape down.

4. Then cut out a shape from your other paper, I choose a heart but you could do whatever you’d like. A tip to make a even-sided paper heart is to fold the paper in half and then cut out a half heart shape. This makes sure that both sides of the heart are the same and it looks even.

5. Finally using any glue, glue your shape onto the middle of the front of your canvas.

That’s it! I honestly just used tape to hang this up as it is incredibly light.

DIY #2: DIY Decorated Earbuds!

The next DIY is decorated earbuds. I made these over the summer and I’ve gotten so many questions and compliments about them so I wanted to show you guys how to make them! They are very time-consuming but if you put on a favorite TV show or youtuber they go by very fast.

To make the ear buds you will obviously need string but specifically “embroidery thread” aka friendship bracelet making string. I recommend using at least 3 colors of string for your earbuds.

1. Start by putting a tiny dot of glue at the beginning of your earbuds. Then wrap the beginning of one color of string around the earbuds where the glue is once or twice.

2. Moving onto how to tie the knots that will make up your earbuds. Start by making a four with the string going over the earbuds cord as above.

3. Next pull the bundle of string around the cord and then through the four going over the string. (It might make more since to follow the photos)

4. Then you should have a knot like this, if not simply try again. The knot can be hard to get but once you do it becomes incredibly fast and easy to do for the rest of your earbuds.

5. Next pull the knot tight and slid it up to the top.

6. Make a bunch more of these knots repeating steps 2-5 until you have made a block about an inch long.

7. Then it would be now time to switch colors, start by putting the new color under the string from the previous block. 

8. Next make one last knot with the previous color over the new one to help secure it.

9. Then you can start making the knot with you new color over the previous and the cord. In the future after you have “attached” all of your colors you obviously don’t have to re-attach them. To switch then you can simply drop the previous string, pick up the new one and start knotting your next block.

10. Next to remove the string end hanging out, put a dab of glue on the spot. Then wrap the end around the spot a few times. I recommend doing this over the block of its color so it blends in better.

11. Keep repeating the knotting and simpler switching process (just drop the old string in with the others and start making knots with new) until you have reached the divider piece.

12. To go around any kind of divider piece, first knot all the way up to it. Then put a larger dab of glue and wrap ALL of your strings around it.

13. Next to start again, restart again following the first few steps and continue the process on both sides of your divider.

I made this other rainbow pair last summer and have been using them this whole school year so they are pretty durable too!

That may seem confusing but once you get the hang of it they are pretty easy to do, just time-consuming.

DIY #3: DIY Painted Cactus Canvas!

The final DIY is this painted cactus canvas. This brought spring vibes to my room and was so cute even though I screwed up the painting a lot😂

I used cardboard as my canvas but a canvas would make this look so much more professional. I used 2 shades of green and just mixed them with different amounts of white to make many different shades.

1. Paint your canvas with a background color, it looks white on camera but I used a light blue for mine. 

2. Then use a pencil to draw on cacti in pots on your canvas, I used Google for some inspiration.

3. Fill in the base of your cactus with different shades of green paint and let dry.

4. Then you can paint in your pots, I painted two plain pink and did this abstract blob thing on the other two. Let the pots dry.

5. Next go in with either a super fine brush or a dark green pen and draw on the cactus details like the pricks. I was going to use paint but I struggled to make fine lines so I switched to sharpie which I strongly recommend.

6. This is optional but I added some tiny faces onto the pots which I though added a lot and was so cute.

There’s your painted cactus canvas!  I also just used tape to hang this one up and it worked fine.

I hope you enjoyed this post and have an amazing week!


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