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10 Drawings to do When You’re Bored!

10 Drawings to do When You’re Bored!

Hi, it’s Carly and in today’s post I have 10 drawing ideas for when your bored. These are slightly random but they are fun to do if your not feeling inspired to draw anything specific. I tried to make most of these super simple so anyone could easily do them without much thought. I also used a 4 by 4 square for all of these but you could easily modify this to whatever size you’d like.

Let’s just get started with the first drawing!

Drawing Idea #1: Random Blobs!

The first drawing is this random blob art. I started by just drawing a single blob in the middle of my paper. Then I started adding other “bumpy blobs”. The “trick” for this one is just to make sure every side is rounded so basically no straight edges.

Drawing Idea #2: Simple Op-Art!

To draw this simple version of Op-Art simply start by using a ruler to draw pencil lines coming out from an inner circle which you can lightly see above. Then add layers of circles coming out from the middle.

 Next to color in each row get one colored pencil (per row) an just press harder on the outside then as you go into the middle of the section press lighter. As you get farther out towards the edges just make each light, medium and dark section larger. 

Drawing Idea #3: Layered Circles!

This next one might be kind of self explanatory but it is these layered circles. All I did was started by tracing a bunch of different circle shapes onto the paper. Then I went in again and made smaller circles inside of the larger ones. Repeat until you feel you have enough layers. Then simply color all the layers with a bunch of different colors.

Drawing Idea #4: Op-Art “Shape Waves”!

The next idea is another type of Op-Art and it just these waves but with a shape indent. I started by drawing the shape of my choice in the middle, I often see this with a traced hand as well. Then I used a ruler to draw a lot of horizontal stripes around the heart. Inside of the shape I made the stripes slightly rounded upward. Finally just color in all the stripes and that’s it.

Drawing Idea #5: Squiggly Zentangle!

I just recently did a post on how to draw basic zentangles but this a really fun twist. I started this zentangle by using a pencil to draw some really random squiggly lines with some loops as well all over the paper. Then I started filling in all the spaces using a different pen color to draw some random tiny doodles. If you didnt want to fill it with zentangles you could also just color them in with colored pencil which would also look really cool. 

Drawing Idea #6: Geometric Triangles!

To start the next drawing use a ruler to draw a bunch of random triangles making sure to leave a space in between each one. Then I colored them in with colored pencils and that’s it.

Drawing Idea #7: Never-ending Circles!

This idea is one of my favorites for when I’m really bored, I started by drawing a single 1/2 circle in the corner of the page. Then building on from that, I added more and more circles layered on until I had filled the paper. Next I went back and added more small layers to each of the circles. Finally I colored them in with alternating colors.

 Drawing Idea #8: Never-ending Flower!

This never ending flower is something I’ve been drawing forever, especially when I’m bored. I start with just a tiny flower in the middle of the paper. Then I build on to it adding more, larger petals in between the previous layer until the paper was filled. Next I finished by coloring in all the layors.

Drawing Idea #9: Swirling Waves!

Next is this swirling wave-inspired drawing. I started with a single swirly wave outline in the corner of my page. I built on to that adding more and more waves until the whole page was filled. Then I went back and added layers to each of the waves. Finally I colored each wave a color of the rainbow with each layor a different shade of that color.

Drawing Idea #10: Fancy Alphabet!

The final drawing idea is to draw out the alphabet or a word with fancy or new lettering. Here above are some ideas but if you Google more you can find an endless amount. I also recommend trying to copy a favorite font as well.

I hope you enjoyed this post and it gave you some new drawing ideas! Have an awesome week!


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