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Easter DIYs 2017! Decor & Food!

Easter DIYs 2017! Decor & Food!

Hi, it’s Carly and in today’s post I’m showing you 4 festive and fun Easter DIYs! I have 3 decor ideas and 1 snack. These DIYs were so fun and I can’t wait to share them so let’s just get started!

DIY #1: DIY Ombre Easter Egg Garland!

The first DIY I am so in love with – it is this ombre Easter egg garland actually using paint chips! It was so easy and cheap to make but turned out amazing.

I got my paint chips from Lowe’s for free, a cookie cutter from my kitchen to make the shape and already had everything else, so this DIY cost me nothing!

1. Trace your egg shape onto preferably the back of your paint chip so you can’t see the pencil on the side that shows.

2. Then carefully cut out the egg shape, trying to keep the sides round.

3. Repeat with as many other paint chips you have or as long as you want your garland to be.

4. Next cut them all out.

5. Then tape a long piece of string onto the back of your eggs.

6. Finally repeat with all your eggs so you then have a garland.

There’s your finished ombre egg garland! I chose to hang mine below my shelf and I thought it looked so cute.

DIY #2: DIY Shaped Fruit Kabobs!

The next DIY are these shaped fruit kabobs and these were so cute and were so yu!

I found the small little cookie cutters in a kitchen drawer along with the kabob sticks.

1. Start cutting up all of your fruits into a size large enough to cut with the cookie cutter but large enough to fit nicely on the kabob stick as well.

2. Then using your mini cookie cutters, cut each piece into a different shape.

3. Next just repeat with all your fruit.

4. Then you can just start adding all your fruit to kabob making sure to fill most of the stick.

That’s it! There’s your shaped fruit kabobs, I definitely recommend trying this one because they were so simple and didn’t take to long honestly.

DIY #3: DIY Easter-Shapes Posters!

The third DIY are these easter-shapes posters! I actually used cookie cutter to make the shapes and just traced them to the paper.

I used 2 different colors of scrapbook paper for mine but you could use as many or little as you’d like!

1. First trace your cookie cutter or any other outline onto the back of your scrapbook paper.

2. Then cut them out.

3. Cut out your plain paper into squares, mine were 4in by 4in.

4. Next glue your scrapbook paper square onto the middle of all your papers.

5. Then repeat with your other posters.

There’s your easter shape posters! They were so cheap but looked so nice! You could also color in the inside of the shapes instead of using scrapbook paper if you’d like.

DIY #4: DIY Patterned Bunny Wall Art!

The final DIY is this patterned bunny wall art! I choose a bunny but you could use whatever shape you would like.

You can use whatever pattern of scrapbook paper you’d like to fit your style.

1. Begin by drawing the outline of your shape onto the cardboard. You could also trace a printed outline if you’d like.

2. Next just cut that out.

3. Then trace that onto your scrapbook paper and cut that out.

4. Next glue your scrapbook paper onto your cardboard.

5. Then you can trim off any excess paper.

6. If nessasary you can also use a ruler to smooth down the scrapbook paper down.

There’s your bunny wall art!

I hope you enjoyed this post and have a awesome week!


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