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How to Draw Zentangles!

How to Draw Zentangles!

Hi, it’s Carly and in today’s post I’m showing you everything you need to know to draw zentangles! I did a post about a month ago like this but it was on Mandalas and I had so much fun making it, I think it’s my favorite post I’ve ever made!

I’m super excited so let’s just get started!


The first supplies are probably pretty obvious but that is just a pencil and eraser. I recommend doing all your zentangles in pencil first and then going over it in pen later.

Next, you will need some paper. I recommend using zentangle tiles which is basically just paper cut into smallish squares. I also recommend any kind of sketching or drawing paper if you have it, but you could also start by just using printer paper as well.

Finally, you will need some fine pens. I recommend having a black one and then some colors as well. I have a set of colored ones I got from Michaels – I love them so much -and then I use a fine black pen from Staples.

How to Draw:

Ways to Start a Zentangle:

There are endless ways to start a zentangle, but you could start with a simple pattern which I strongly recommend for when you first start out. A few of my favorites are pictured above and they are waves, stripes, circles, triangles and a chevron.

1. Start by adding a pattern/outline (you’ll see later) to your paper as above. I chose to do some waves with about 1 cm of space between them.

2. Then start filling in the spaces with patterns like so. You can use whatever colors and patterns you’d like to fit your style.

Here are some of my favorite pattern ideas!

4. Next, continue filling in the rest of your spaces. I recommend using variety of patterns.

Here’s my finished zentangle!


Example #1: Rainbow Zentangle!

My first example is this rainbow outline zentangle! I love the way this one turned out and encourage you to try this one out! Start by drawing out the outline in pencil and then begin filling in all the spaces with small doodles like in the other one.

Example #2: Mickey Mouse Zentangle!

The other example I made was this Mickey Mouse outline zentangle. This one was so easy and quick but I thought it looked really cool in the end! I drew out a simple Mickey Mouse outline and then just filled in the top with doodles.

I hope you enjoyed this post and try out zentangling! Have a great week!


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