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DIY Spring Room Decor 2017!

DIY Spring Room Decor 2017!

Hi, it’s Carly and in today’s post I’m showing you diys to decorate for spring! I’m so excited for today’s post because even though it is so cold still, spring is my favorite season.  All the diys turned out very cute and reminded me a of spring so much!

I have 3 awesome diys to show you so let’s just get started!

DIY #1: DIY Geometric Coasters!

The first DIY is this geometric patterned coasters and they are so easy to make but they also turned out awesome!

I used gold, blue, pink and purple paint but you could use whatever colors you would like for the shapes.

1. First use a ruler to draw squares on the cardboard, I made mine 4 by 4 inches which fit most cups. I made 4 same-size squares to make a full set.

2. Next just cut out the squares.

3. Next start applying your tape on the coasters to make triangles like above.

4. Start filling in the taped off pieces with paint of your choice.

5. Then fill in the rest of the triangles and repeat with you other coasters.

6. Then BEFORE the paint drys carefully peel off all the tape on all your coasters.

That’s it!

There’s your geometric patterned coasters! I also recommend adding a layer of mod podge or other sealant on to the coaster if you want to avoid drink stains.

DIY #2: DIY Tassel Garland!

The next diy is this adorable yarn tassel garland, it turned out really good! It was pretty simple once you get the hang of making the tassels.

You can use any colors of yarn you’d like to make your garland fit your room and your style!

1. Start by wrapping your yarn around your fingers or a piece of cardboard about 50 times or so depending on how large you want your tassel to be.

2. Then cut another piece of string about 5 inches long and then thread it through the middle hole of your yarn “bundle” and then tie that a knot around the top.

3. Next cut another piece of yarn about the same length and then tie about 1/3 away from the top of the tassel.

4. Then you can cut through all the loops on the bottom of your tassel and then you can cut all the edges to an even length.

5. Next me as many more tassels as you would like depending on how long you want your garland to be. I think I used 7 because I wanted a short one to hang from my shelf.

6. Then cut another piece of string about 36-48 inches and just use the end on the top of your tassel to tie them on to your string.

That’s it! There’s your tassel garland, I thought that this was pretty simple and fun to make do I hope you try it out.

DIY #3: DIY 3d Flower Wall Art!

The final DIY is this awesome 3d flower wall art, this was so cheap to make because I already had everything at home!

I used only 3 colors of colored paper but you could use whatever colors and however many you’d like!

1. Cut out your paper into squares, I made mine about 4 by 4 inches and I definitely recommend making them this size.

2. Use a large circle object to trace on to your cardboard and cut that out.

3. Then roll up your paper into a cone-like shape like above and tape that in place where my finger was.

4. Next repeat that with about 20-30 other pieces of colored paper until you think you have enough.

5. Then you can start gluing on the first row of “petals” . I also  recommend putting the glue like above so the petals stick together and cover the cardboard.

5. Continue gluing on the rest of your first layer until you have covered all the cardboard.

6. Then to start making the next layer first cut the tip off the cone. Next just glue on the next layer on the previous and repeat until you have completed your flower.

Thats it! There’s your 3d flower!

I hope you enjoyed this post and have a awesome week!


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