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How to Clean Your Room!

How to Clean Your Room!

Hey, it’s Carly and in today’s post I’m showing my steps to clean my room. A few weeks ago I posted how to clean your closet and it was very popular and so I thought I would do how to clean your room in honor of spring cleaning! This is definitely more of a deep clean so it might take a while but your room will hopefully look so good after! 

I hope this helps you plan out to clean your room…

Let’s just get started!

Steps to Clean Your Room:

1. Put a TV Show/Movie On

My first step is just a personal tip and that is to put a TV show or movie on. I do this every time I clean because cleaning is super boring and it just makes it more fun to have something playing to 1/2 watch as you clean.

2. Wash Your Sheets + Make Your Bed

The next step is just to wash your sheets and then make your bed. If you are anything like me you probably haven’t washed your sheets in a while. I like to do this second so then I have a clean bed to possibly put things on it later on.

3. Remove all the Stuff that Doesn’t Belong

The next step is to remove everything that doesn’t belong in your room. Whenever I’m cleaning I find a ton of plates, glasses etc that doesn’t belong in my room so just bring everything back to where it belongs.

4. Put Away all Your Clothes + Blankets

Next is just to put away any clothes/blankets, I always have a ton of clothes everywhere in my room. I also always find a ton of blankets as well, so just fold/hang the clothes as well as the blankets.

5. Put Away all the Randomness

The next step for me is the longest and that is just to put away anything that is left at this point; the randomness. Just make sure everything has a place to make this part go a lot faster in the future.

6. Wipe Down + Dust all Surfaces 

The next step is just to wipe down all your surfaces, everything is always so dusty when you haven’t cleaned in awhile and it just make everything feel extra clean.

7. Clean any Mirrors + Glass

Then I just go on to clean any mirrors and other glass with a glass cleaner. My mirror and window aways get so many smudges so this can make a big difference in your room.

8. Vacuum

Finally the last step is just to vacuum you whole room, at this point you likely have a pretty gross floor from all the cleaning so this one is super important!

That’s it! I hope you enjoyed this post and it will help you the next time you need to clean your room!

 Have an awesome week!


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