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5 DIYS You Need to Try!

5 DIYS You Need to Try!

Hi, it’s Carly and happy Friday! I’m super excited for today’s post and have been working on it for a long time! In today’s post I’ll be showing you 5 DIYS that everyone should try! These are all so cute and pretty easy to make!

I hope you enjoy and let’s just get started!

DIY #1: DIY Yarn Wall Hanging!

The first DIY is this yarn wall hanging. It can take a little bit of time to tie all the yarn on, but it is very simple and easy.

Start by cutting your dowel to the size you want and pick the colors of yarn.

1. Cut a little less than an arms length of yarn and fold in half and cut the bottom.

2. Then tie the yarn on like above. It can look a tad confusing but after you do the first one it will become easier.

3. Next, go on and repeat step 2 until you have filled as much of your dowel as you’d like.

Just make sure you make them coming from the same side of the dowel so the knots match on the front.

4. Then start cutting the yarn at the bottom how ever you would like. I chose to cut it into a V-shape.

5. Finally just tie on another piece of yarn to the sides of the dowel as above.

That’s it! I love the way it turned out and it was a lot of fun for me to make!

DIY#2: DIY Ombre Pencil Bag!

The next DIY is this super cute ombre pencil pouch, you can use whatever colors you’d like to fit your style.

I found my zipper for about $1.50 at Michaels but you could probably find one pretty much anywhere. You could also sew this if you would like but I wanted to show you that you could also do this with just glue as well.

1. Fold your fabric in half and use your ruler to make edges for your pouch. I made mine about 4 by 7 inches.

2. Next cut out using your lines but add about an extra centimeter to each side like above.

3. Then unfold the fabric and flip it inside out and glue down the two sides together.

4. Next just flip the pouch right side out and it should hopefully look something like this.

5. Then start painting your pouch. To paint an ombre start by using a sponge to sponge your first color to the bottom of the pouch.

6. Next use your second color to paint the top. In the middle, blend the two colors together. For example, I dabbed the blue and pink together to make purple.

7. This is optional but I think it added a finished and store bought touch: I just used hot glue to fold in the top a bit (makes more sense when you look at the photo)

8. To finish your pouch, just glue on your zipper, make sure that the top of the zipper is on the outside.

There’s your finished pencil pouch! It wasn’t too difficult to make and honestly turned out amazing!

DIY #3: DIY Floral Cat Ears!

The next DIY are these flower cat ears. They turned out so cute and honestly look store bought to me, especially if you use a headband!  But when they are on your head, it’s hard to tell that you didn’t use a headband.

I found the flowers at Michaels for just $1.50 and already had the wire in a random bin of crafting stuff!

1. Start by cutting your wire in half and then folding each one into V-shapes as above.

2. Then making each side as even as possible, attach each side to the headband by twisting them around. I recommend trying it on a few times to make each ear in the best place as possible.

3. Next glue on the flowers to the wire “ears”, making sure to cover the wire on BOTH SIDES.



Just repeat with the other ear and that’s it!


DIY #4: DIY Faux Fur Pom Pom!

The next DIY is this adorable faux fur pom-pom and I was so amazed on how well this turned out since I’ve seen these everywhere recently and they were anything from $5 to $15 which is so expensive for a key chain! It was also very easy and simple to make and only took me honestly a few minutes.


I found the faux fur at Michaels for just $2 and already had my glue gun and string so this only cost me $2!


1. Start by cutting your faux fur to about 15 inches or so depending on how large you want your pom pom. Then put a line of glue on the end of the faux fur and fold it and repeat this while using your hands to scrunch it into a ball to the end of your fur. I strongly advise wearing gloves to avoid burning your hands!!!


2. Your pom-pom should then look something like this, mine was about 4-6 inches wide.


3. Next just cut a piece of string about 5-6 inches long and fold in half, then just tie a small knot at the end.


4. Finally, put a dab of glue into a random spot in the fur of your pom pom and push in the knotted side of the string as far as possible so it should look like this and you’re done.


Then to attach this to a bag or purse, just tie it on as so! I think that they looked just like the ones I saw at stores!


DIY #5: DIY Black & White Stickers!

The final DIY are these really cool stickers that I made using water to transfer the printed image to tape. I found these on Pinterest and I thought they were so cute and mind blowing.


I recommend using a very strong tape for this DIY so the image ink will stick before it melts away in the water.


1. First start by cutting out all your pictures.


2. Then add a layer of tape to the printed side of the picture and then cut around it.


3. Next put all your taped photos in the water bowl and then let them sit for just a few minutes.


4. Then peel the photo away from the tape and the tape should now have the picture printed on it! Next let the tape dry by leaving it sticky-side up.


That’s it! To keep/store them, just stick them on to a piece of wax paper.

I hope you enjoyed this post and you try out some of the DIYs! Have an awesome week!


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