Homework/Study Tips & Motivation!

Homework/Study Tips & Motivation! 

Hi, it’s Carly and happy friday! In today’s post I’m going to be sharing 10 Homework/Study Tips & Motivation! This post was suggested by Stella so thank you to her for the idea, I really enjoyed making this post! I know that sometimes getting you home work done or even having the motivation to start it difficult so hopefully these tips will help you out in the coming week!

Also thank you so much for over 300 followers!!! My blog has been growing so much and it means so much to me! Thank you for just taking the time out of your days to read, like and comment on my posts💕

Let’s just get started with the first tip!

1. Make a List of all Your Assignments

The first tip is one that I’ve been using for the most of the school year and if I didn’t make my list of assignments each week I truly would have completely forgot at leat a few! I also recommend either highlighting them by either class or due date, above I did class but I think I prefer due date.

2. Use Flashcards to Memorize Terms

Mt next tip is HUGE for memorizing terms either use pysical flashcards or use online ones, I personally the website “Quizlet”. Just write the word or question on one side and the answer on the other and you can do these and work on them whenever!

3. Make the 1st Page a Table of Contents 

This is just a notebook organization tip bit it’s to make the the first few pages of each notebook a table of contents to make it easier to find things then just spending forever searching through every page. I just make a colum for the date, page and assignment.

4. Put Folders in Your Binder for More Space

About her organization tip that I love is to put folders into the rings of your binder for more space, especially if you have projects that don’t have holes punched to keep them stored safely.

5. Get in Contact with  ❤ People in a Class

The next tip has saved me multiple time this year when i was absent or had a question and that is to get in in contact with at least 3 people in EACH class.

6. Turn Off/Put Away Your Phone

The top might be pretty obvious but I still wanted to include it and that is to put away your phone while your doing homework or studying so it can’t distract you.

7. Make Practice Tests & Questions 

The next tip has also saved me on a few tests and that is go back through your notes and put together practice questions and mini quizzes and you can make these and give them to friends, which I recommend.

8. Listen to Calming Music/Sounds

This tip is another one that worked well for me and that is to while doing homework to listen to calming sounds. It is especially good when you are extremely stressed about finishing an assignment in time.

9. Take Neat & Organized Notes

The next tip might seem pretty obvious and that is to take neat notes with good information so that is easier for you to study and even get help on homework.

10. One Assignment at a Time

The final tip is just to only work on one assignment at a time because at least for me I would just freak out over-stress and then the work would be super scattered and just not very good!

I hope you enjoyed this post and it gave you some motivation and tips and have a great week!


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