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Adult Coloring Book DIYs!

Adult Coloring Book DIYs! 

Hey its Carly and happy friday! Today’s post is on DIYS you can make when you finish “adult coloring” pages which are basically just extra-complex coloring page! These are all super easy, the longest/hardest part is coloring all the pages! I have three awesome and super easy DIYS to show you today so let’s just get started! 

Color the Pages:

The first step to all these diys is just to color your coloring pages. This can take a while but it’s really relaxing and calming. I watched a few movies while coloring the pages for this post so I definitely recommend that.

DIY #1 : DIY Mini Frames!

The first diy are these cardboard mini frames! They were pretty easy to make and only used things you should already have at home.

1. Start by tracing out one of the photos on the coloring page leaving about an inch or so frame (it will make more since later) and cut that out.

2. Then trace that onto the cardboard and cut it out and finally glue the two together.

3. Finally glue the picture in the middle of the cardboard and that’s it!

There’s your mini photo frames!

DIY #2 : DIY Notepad/Notebook!

The next DIY is this notepad, you can use a pad like me or a journal/notebook and just cover both covers too.

1. Start by cutting out your coloring to cover your notebook with a bit extra.

2. Then just begin gluing it on and that’s it! 

That’s all you have to do! I know incredibly easy 🙂

DIY #3 : DIY Tassel Bookmark! 

The final diy is this coloring page tassel bookmark. It turned out really cute and honestly it’s one of my favorite diys I’ve made.

1. Start by measuring out the paper of the bookmark. I think mine was about 3 by 7.5 inches or so.

2. Next just cut it out.

3. Now on to making the tassel, start by wrapping your yarn around your two fingers about 50 times.

4. Next just pull the yarn bundle off your fingers, thread another small separate peice of yarn through the middle of the yarn and tie it like above.

5. Then tie the yarn around the bundle about 2/3 to the top (where it’s previously tied)

6. Now just cut all the loops on the longer side like above and trim them to about the same size.

7. Finally just cut a small hole in the top of the bookmark and tie your new tassel on to it like above.

That’s it! There’s your new bookmark, this makes a great gift for a friend, relative or yourself too.

I hope you enjoyed this post and it gave you some ideas for some diys! Have a great week!



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