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How to Draw a Mandala!

How to Draw a Mandala!

Hi it’s Carly and happy friday! I’m so excited for today’s post because I absolutely LOVE drawing and it has been so long since I did a drawing post! I specifically think that mandalas are really fun and also calming to draw, so in today’s post I’m going to show you 100% of how to draw them. 

Let’s just get started!


First off is the basic supplies that you need to draw mandalas! 

The first thing is pens, you would most likely want to start with just any semi-nice fine point ones but if you fall in love with mandalas like me, I invested in a nice set of fine tip pens which I love.

The next thing is just super basic is just to have a pencil, this is good if your worried about messing up so I often start with the pencil outline and then go over it with pen later.

Then some sort of circle-maker, you can use just things like mugs, rolls of tape etc when your first starting out but I definitely recommend a compass if you plan on doing a lot of mandalas.

Finally you will just need some paper, again if your just starting out printer paper is fine but if you again plan on doing more I recommend almost any type of drawing paper.

How to Draw:

1. Make a Bunch of Circles Like Above

The first step is to use your compass/circle maker to make circles arranged similar to above. You can make them as far or as close to each other as you’d like.

2. Start Filling in the Spaces with Doodles 

The next step is to full in the spaces between the circles. Above a sheet with some of my favorite patterns I use to fill in the spaces a lot.

3.  Continue Filling in the Spaces 

Then juat continue filling in all the spaces with whateber doodles you would like! 

That’s all there is to it! They end up looking pretty complicated but they are honestly pretty simple after you get the hang of drawing them!


Here are just two examples of a other mandalas I’ve made for inspiration.

I hope you enjoyed this post and it gave you some inspiration and ideas. Have a great week!



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