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Valentines Day DIYs!

Valentines Day DIYs! 

Hi, it’s Carly and happy Friday! Today’s post is on DIYS for Valentines Day. I have 3 DIYs and 3 DIY life hacks. Most of these are room decor but some can be really cute gifts for your friends. I hope you enjoy and let’s just get started!

DIY #1 : DIY Flower Heart!

The first DIY is this adorable 3d flower heart! It looks kinda difficult but once you make the first flower it gets pretty easy, I promise!

For this DIY I seriously recommend using a exacto knife to cut the cardboard (you’ll see later) but I didn’t have one so I used scissors but it was super difficult and turned out messy…

1. Fold your square in half and then again and again like above.

2. Next cut a triangle from the point with the folded size (confusing but if it don’t work just start over and cut this from the other side point) and cut curve on the opposite side.

3. It should then unfold to make a flower as above.

4. Then make two more the same way to have a total of three flowers as so.

5. Then cut out one petal from the first flower, two from the second and three from the third like above.

6. Next pull the two open sides together and tape them as above and repeat with all the rest of the flowers.

7. Find the largest one and put a line of glue around the inside hole and stick one the second largest then the third and etc.

8. Then you should now have a flower like this.

9. Repeat with the rest of your flower parts so you have three as so.

10. Finally glue them in a V shape onto your cardboard and cut it out to make a heart and your done!

There’s your 3d flower heart!

DIY #2 : DIY Sweetheart Card!

The next DIY is this adorable sweetheart card, you can put whatever saying or word you want on the card and this a great gift for any of you friends!

You can use whatever colors of paper you’d like and decorate it however you’d like. You will also need glue!

1. Start by cutting out a heart from one of the colors of paper.

2. Then you can write the word/saying on the front of the heart in nice handwriting or tracing.

3. Next just glue the heart on to the front of the card like above and that’s it!

There’s your easy V-Day Card!

DIY #3: DIY Heart Garland!

This is another super easy DIY and it is a really great way to decorate for Valentines Day!

All you need is paper, string, tape and scissors so you should have everything at home.

1. Start by cutting hearts from your colored paper as above.

2. Next just tape the string on to the back of all your hearts and that’s it!

3 Easy V-Day DIY Tips/Hacks!

Hack #1: DIY Sweetheart Jar!

The first tip is this easy DIY, all you need to do is glue sweethearts on the jar covering it, I LOVED how this one turned out omg!

Hack #2: DIY Ombre Paint Chip Bookmark!

The next idea is to just trim down a paint sample and glue a ribbon on to a festive-colored.

Hack #3: DIY “Why Your Awesome” Jar!

This is such a sweet and meaningful gift for some of your close friends! Just write on a bunch of sticky notes some things you like or admire about the person and fold them up and put them in a jar.

I hope you enjoyed this post and that it gave you some ideas! Have a amazing week! 


6 thoughts on “Valentines Day DIYs!

    1. Thanks!! Maybe you could use a Valentines Day scrapbook paper or draw on some patterns in vday colors. You could also use stickers or draw on a favorite animal. Maybe glue on some sweethearts by/around the opening!


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