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How to Clean & Organize Your Closet! 

How to Clean & Organize Your Closet! 

Hi, it’s Carly, so today’s post is on how to clean your closet! I have my 5 steps to fully clean your closet and then 5 life hacks/tips to organize. I know that closets and clothes get super messy super fast so I thought this would help you out to clean and organize it!

Steps to Deep Clean Your Closet:

1. Take Out ALL Your Clothes

My first step is to take out ALL my clothes from my drawers, closet etc to go through EVERYTHING. I recommend laying out everything on your floor/bed in piles based on what they are, for example all your pants in one pile, a pile of socks, pile of shirts etc.

2. Wipe Down and Clean Drawers

I found this to be a important step because I found a bunch of random stuff like rubber bands, paper and other trash so it was important for me to clean that out.

3. Organize Clothes Into Piles

My next step is to organize all your clothes into piles, I made a keep, toss and wash pile. 

4. Wash All of the Dirty Clothes

Next is to wash all of the clothes in the dirty pile you have all you clothes ready to organize and put away.

5. Put Away All Your Clothes

The next step is to obviously put all the clothes back neatly, where they go. You can also reorganize where they go as well like if you wanted to move your socks to the top drawer  for example.

5 Organization Life Hacks/Tips:

1. Put “Unsure” Clothes Backwards

The first tip is to put clothes that your not sure if you want to get rid of hangers backwards so then in like 6 months you can see if they are still backwards meaning that you didn’t wear them.

2. Put Smaller Bags Inside Larger Ones

The next tip is to put smaller bags/purses inside of larger ones you don’t use as much, this is a great space saving tip.

3. Use Boxes/Dividers in Drawers 

This is great tip and I personally have been using this one forever, using short cardboard boxes to divide up drawers for example I have one that stores scarfs and one that stores fuzzy socks😂

4. Put Away Out-Of-Season Clothes

Putting away clothes that aren’t in season is a great tip to not have them in your way, for example I currently have my summer clothes in a big bin under my bed.

5. Glue Hooks on Plaque to Hang Jewelry

I made one of these a few months ago, it’s such a great tip to be able to see all your favorite necklaces and bracelets!

I hope you enjoyed this post and it gave you some tips to clean your closet! Have a great week!


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