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My Room Tour 2017!

My Room Tour 2017!

Hi, it’s Carly, in today’s post I’m giving you a mini tour of my room. I wanted to do this post to give you some inspiration and tips to redecorate your room! (If you want to know where anything is from just comment down below btw)


First is just a overall view from my doorway, you can see my bed which is the largest part of the room and my dresser to the right and my desk in the far corner.

Mirror Area

To the right is my door and then right next to it is a purple striped cosy seat fluff thing and my mirror. The to the right us my nightstand.


Then is my nightstand that was to the right on the last picture, I just have a pink case with fake flowers, candle, quote thingie, a mini stuffed unicorn, lamp, tumblr cup and a book!


Then next to my nightstand is my bed, I have a tapastry as my bedspread and just 2 throw pillows that I made forever ago. Above my bed I have a small strand of fairy lights and a flag garland with a string hanging thingie.


Then just above the my side of bed is just my window.

Desk Area

Next on the other side of bed I have my desk area, it’s a little messy but then on my desk surface I just have a jar of pencils, a framed quote, lamp, notebook and my ipod.

Cube Organizer

Then behind my desk chair I have a little 3 cube organizer that just store all my craft supplies! On the top I just have a tray with some random little cute things on it.



The next thing to the right of the cubes is my dresser, I have a larger dresser so it stores a lot of clothes!  On my dresser I have a fake cactus pot and jar of orbeez on one side and then in the middle I have my hamster Pepper’s cage. Next on the other side I have an owl candle holder and a tissue jar. Then I have a 2nd layer that have a mini garden, analog clock and candle.



Then above my dresser I have this shelf and on it I have these love bookends and to the left another candle and to the left a pink teacup.


Closet & Wall

The wall to the right of my dresser is my closet, I have a pretty large closet and then to the right of that I have a small wall that have polka dots, a letter c and a jewelry organizer! Then finally to the right is the door again.

I hope you enjoyed this post and it gave you some ideas for your room, have a aweaome day!


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