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How to Have an Awesome 2017!

How to Have an Awesome 2017!

Hey its Carly and HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! The new year is a fresh start and in today’s post I’m going to give 10 DIY tips on how to start it off right! I hope you enjoy this post and it helps you kick off your 2017!!! Let’s just get started with the tips!


Make a 2017 Bucket List

The first thing you can do to make the most of your new year is to make a bucket list of some fun things you want to do in 2017! Just remember to make them reasonable.


Clean Out & Redecorate

The next thing that I like to do for the new year is to clean out stuff after the holidays and redecorate after taking down all my Christmas decorations. I also find that a new environment can be motivating as well.


Make a New Happy Playlist

The next thing I like to do at the beginning of the year is to make a new positive playlist, positive music to me is a nice way to start off a new year.


Make Monthly Goals

Making monthly goals to focus on each month is a another take on new years resolutions, basically you have a specific goal that you are working towards for example maybe you want to be more helpful in January and then be more kind in February.


Get Inspired

Another thing you can do for 2017 is to read quotes and get motivated to have a fresh start and to make the very most of it.


Try to Get More Organized

As I’ve said probably 1,000 times in this post, the new year to me is a fresh start so I like to improve my organization habits and write more things down to better plan ahead.


Take More Time to Yourself

When your so busy with your everyday lives you can easily forget to take some time to yourself  which is important not only for your sanity so I think that this a good resolution.


Make a DIY Memory Jar

To make a memory jar all you have to do is find a cute jar, box, bin etc. and as you go through the year just write down some fun things you did and add them to the jar and then you can read all your memories at the end of the year.


Spend Less Time on Your Phone

I think that this is a good goal for a lot of people including myself, you can get so caught up in the social media world and forget to spend time with family and live in the moment.


Take More Photos to Document Memories

This is another personal goal for me in 2017, I would go or do something cool and then look back and find like 1 photo from it, I love having photos to look back on so this is definitely one of my 2017 goals!

I hope you enjoyed this post and I wish you all the best in 2017! 


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