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How to Start a Blog!

How to Start a Blog!

Hi!! It’s Carly, first of all I hope you had a wonderful holiday!! Today’s post is on how to start a blog, I’m giving you some blogging tips/hacks and showing you my steps to make a post! 

Also, this post was requested by Hetti,  Thank you to her for the idea!!!

 I hope you enjoy and let’s just get start with the first tip!


1. Use Wrapping & Scrapbook Paper for Backgrounds

The first tip of mine is to use wrapping and scrapbook paper as backgrounds for diys and other things in photos. I also would use blankets (I use a tapastry on my bed alot)  and table covers!

2. Use 50/100 Post Ideas Lists

When your having trouble these can be so helpful when coming up with posts, just make sure to add your own twist! I made one of these as well a few months ago:50 Blog Post Ideas

3. Have a Notebook for Blog Planning

I find it super duper important to have a notebook where I can list post ideas, plan them etc.

4. Take Photos by a Window 

This is the most important tip for me to have a bright and clear photos while avoiding weird shadows. Above is a comparison of the same un-edited photo, one taken by the window, other away.

5. Use Boxes to Store Supplies

My favorite way to store supplies for random diys as well as camera equipment etc is definitely boxes and bins:)


1. Brainstorm & Plan the Post

I swear I couldn’t make a good post if I didn’t plan it out first!!! Planning helps make sure you can know everything you need to do/get to finish the post successfully.

2. Take All the Photos You Need

I use alot of photos in my posts so my next step is to take all of them using the plan of what ones I need.

3. Edit the Photos

Then I would edit all the photos, I already made a post on How I Edit My Photos


4. Type the Post

The last step is to type the post, obviously this is a very important step and what I’m doing right now:)

I hope you enjoyed this post and it helped you out, have a awesome day!


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