How to Reach Your Goals!

How to Reach Your Goals!

Hi, It’s Carly, so today’s post is on how to reach your goals. This post was requested by brennacrocher So thank you to her for the idea! I have 10 tips/steps to share, so let’s just get started with the first tip!

1. Write Down Your Goals

The first tip is to write down your goals, to make sure you don’t forget them!I just wrote some random goal ideas that I will use as examples in this post.

2. Prioritize Your Goals

This is a good tip so you can find which goals are most important to you or you need to focus on first!

3. Focus on One Goal at a Time

It in my opinion is harder to reach a goal when your working on 2000 others! If you focus on one you might be able to reach it faster;)

4. Think About the Benefits

Why is this your goal? How will you improve by reaching it? When you set a new goal I reccomend making a list of benefits!

5. Find a Personal Hook

Another helpful tip to inspire you us to find a personal reason on why you want to do something (reach your goal)

6. List Methods to Reach Your Goal

The next tip is to list some methods or ways to reach your goal. Then you can use these in the process of reaching the goal.

7. Make a Routine

Finding a routine will make it harder on yourself to cheat on your goal. It puts it into your everyday schedule.

8. “Post” Your Goal

No, not on the Internet, I mean put it as your wallpaper, on a bulletin board etc. “Posting” it will help you not forget about your goals.

9. Build on Small Sucess

Building on your small success while trying to reach the goal will help you keep motavated and inspired.


The final tip is to be positive while trying to reach the goal, even if you fail just try again!

Those were my tips/steps on how to reach your goals! I hope you enjoyed this post and have a great day! 


24 thoughts on “How to Reach Your Goals!

  1. I really enjoyed your post about goals. This week I’ve blogged about goals, as well, and my search led to yours as the fourth post on WordPress Reader, so you’ve earned the #4 spot on my list of trending tuesday blogs about goals. Good luck with your blog and enjoy the journey!

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