DIY Christmas Gifts!

DIY Christmas Gifts!

Hey guys, it’s Carly! Today’s post is DIY Christmas Gifts, I have 3 diys to show you and they are so easy and cute to make! All of these are pretty last minute, I had all the supplies at home. Also I would love to receive any of these so let’s just get started with the diys!

DIY #1 : DIY Candle

The first DIY is this candle, I used old wax from candles that I already burnt, but you can also buy plain wax or tealights too.

1. Start by transferring your wax into a microwave safe bowl.

2. Melt this using either the double boiler method or in the microwave making sure to stir in between.

3. While your wax us melting you need to glue your candle wick into your jar. I used hot glue but most glues would work.

4. Then after your wax is melted, CAREFULLY pour it into your candle jar.

5. Finally just let the wax harden for about 30 minutes to a hour and then you can cut down the wick to about 1/2 inch or so and your ready to gift!

There’s your candle! I reccomend putting this in a box to wrap it so it doesn’t break.

DIY #2 : DIY Bath Mix!

The next DIY was hard for me to come up with a name for but I went with a bath mix. It does the same thing to the water as a bath bomb without the fizzing part so you would just sprinkle some in the water. I also think it would be a cute idea to add some flower petals but I didn’t have any.

1. Mix all your dry ingredients, baking soda, epsom salt etc.

2. Next you can add in a few drops of food dye and your essential oil. Then mix it together and I also added some bubble bath for some bubbles!

That’s it!!! All you do to use it is to put a few spoonfuls of it in your bath water and it will make your skin super soft!

I transferred it into a small jar but I recommend putting it into a mason jar so it doesn’t spill before you gift it!

DIY #3: DIY Charm Necklace!

The next DIY is this adorable necklace. I got the charm and chain from micheals forever ago but you can use whatever charm you’d like!

1. Open your jump ring using your pliers (it should come with the charm) 

2. Next you find the middle of your chain then using your pliers, close the jump ring as so

You might have to add a clasp on here but mine was pre put on

There’s your necklace!

I hope you enjoyed this post and it gave you some ideas for gifts this holiday season and have and great day!


7 thoughts on “DIY Christmas Gifts!

  1. Thank you! I didn’t know what to give my friends for my Secret Santa! I think I’ll give them the Bath Mix. It looks super great and the ingredients are super simple 😃 I hope you can check out my blog as well 😋 xx, Eve ❤

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