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DIY Stationary & Desk Organization ! 

DIY Stationary & Desk Organization!

Hi, it’s Carly! Today’s post is on DIY Stationary/Desk Organization! This post was requested by Hetti so thank you to her for the idea! I have 3 DIYS to show you today so let’s just get started with the first diy!

DIY #1: DIY Paper Clips!

The first DIY are theses paper clips, they are so easy and I have 3 different ideas to show you so let’s just get started!

Idea #1: Ribbon Paper Clip

All you do is loop the ribbon through the paper clips and hot glue it in place!

Idea #2: Embellishment Paper Clip

I just hot glued on a magnet on to a paper clip, but you could also use any kind of charm, cardboard cutout etc.

Idea #3: Tape Paper Clip

All you have to do is cut a peice or two of tape and stick them through the top of the paper clip, then stick the two sticky sides together as above.

Here are all the finished paper clips! I love how easy they were but they are so cute!!!

DIY #2: DIY Geometric Triangle Notebook

The next DIY is this adorable geometric notebook made with triangles! Here’s how to make it!

Start by covering your notebooks cover with white or scrapbook paper and glue down.

Next cut out A LOT of triangles from scrapbook paper, make them very different

Finally you can randomly glue them on to your cover and your done ! 

There’syour adorable geometric notebook!

DIY #3: DIY  Calendar Clipboard

The last diy is this clipboard calender, it’s a fun spin on a normal calender and very easy to make.

The first you do to make this is put a line if tape around the clipboard and paint in the space.

Next, you just want to print your calendar and clip it on.

Now you can lean it on a surface or hang it up!

I hope you enjoyed this post and have a great day ! 


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