15 Facts About Me!

15 Facts About Me!

Hi it’s Carly, today’s post is 15 Facts about me! First of all, I wanted to post a DIY today, but I had trouble with the photos turning out nice due to the dark lighting right now where I live so that will hopefully be up by Wednesday♡ One of my friends suggested I should do this post so you can learn a little more about me, so let’s just get started!

1. My Zodiac Symbol is a Taurus

I honestly don’t know much about Zodiac Symbols, I just know I’m a Taurus😂

2. I’m 12 and I’m in 7th Grade

I’m in my first year of middle school (7th) and I am 12 years old. I actually started this blog when I was in 5th grade!

3. I’m a HUGE Seahawks Fan

Most people don’t know this about me but, I love football!!! I watch as many games as I can on Sunday and my favorite team is the Seahawks. I even have my own fantasy football team/league!
4. I Play Volleyball

I started playing volleyball in September 2015, and I’m currently playing for my school!

5. I Started This Blog in April 2015

I actually started my blog and make a few posts (none of then are still up) back in the beginning of 2015! I remember that my first post was how to draw a mandala!

6. I’m a HUGE Neat Freak

I’m one of those people where everything has to be neat or I will make it neat! my room is literally always clean (except for my desktop) I also am extremely organized and obsessed with my planner😂

7. I’m OBSESSED With Harry Potter

I didn’t read until last year but when I finally did, I fell in love with the series, I have all the books and movies (I can’t wait for the new one!) My favorite book is “The Chamber of Secrets”.

8. I Also Love to Draw

I’ve always loved drawing, I actually originally started this blog as a art blog! Also if you are interested in a drawing post let me know down below because I’ve been drawing alot recently 🙂

9. My Favorite Season is Spring

This might be because my birthday is in spring but I love all the bright colorful flowers in spring! I also REALLY like summer too!!!

10. I Don’t Have a Favorite Color

I actually don’t have a favorite color, I do have favorite colors though, I like light pinks, purples, blues, greens and gold!

11. I’m about 5’1

Some people say this is tall but others say I’m short, so it depends on if you think thus is short or tall, but at my school I feel short!

12. I’m the Oldest

I’m the oldest child, but I have two younger sisters!

13. One of my Favorite Places I’ve Been is New Mexico

I went to New Mexico during spring break 2013 with my mom and my grandma and it is easily one of my favorite places ever! I loved the vibe there and it was a really fun trip.

14. I Play the Violin

In 5th grade I joined my schools orchestra and I’ve been playing since! The violin is a really fun instrument to play although it is hard to learn, in my opinion.

15. I love Photography

I enjoy photography so much! It’s so nice being able to capture moments!

That was 15 facts about me! I hope you enjoyed this post and have a awesome day!!!


24 thoughts on “15 Facts About Me!

  1. Oh gosh, we have so much in common. I have 2 sisters (and I’m the oldest 😰), I love photography and I don’t have a favorite color either… It’s too hard! Not to mention that we have very similar ages!

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