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DIY Holiday Room Makeover!

DIY Holiday Room Makeover!

Hi, it’s Carly. Today’s post is a Holiday Room Makeover!!! I know this is really early, but I’m just so excited for Christmas and holiday posts! I’m planning on doing a bunch of holiday posts this year as well as some other posts too. Back to this post, I have a DIY and a bunch of mini DIY ideas! Let’s just get started with the ideas!


DIY Cone “Trees”!

These cone trees came out so good and were so affordable to make! I covered them in wrapping paper, but you could also use beading garland or whatever else you could think of!



1. Roll up your cardstock into a cone as so and tape together. You also want to make sure the cone would stand up flat by making sure the base isn’t lopsided.


2. Then cover your cone with the wrapping paper of your choice, I used double sided tape to tape on the paper.


This is optional but I added a bow to the top of the cone to add more to the trees.


There is your cone tree! I made a few more and set them up on my nightstand together and I love the way it looks!



Add Holiday-Themed Blankets and Pillows to Your Bed!

One of the best ways to decorate is with christmas blanket and pillows. I reccomend getting a large holiday blanket and covering your normal bedsheet with it.


Make a DIY Holiday Photo Garland!

One of my favorite decorations I made is this photo garland, all I did was print some holiday photos from Pinterest on photo paper and used some mini clothespins to clip them on to a peice of string and your done!

Wrap Empty Boxes Like Presents!

Another great way to add a festive touch is to wrap empty boxes like presents, it’s super easy!


Tape Gift Bows on Your Walls for a Festive Touch!

The easiest way to add a holiday vibe to your room is to just tape up bows!


 Use Tape to Make a Tree on Your Wall!

Another great way to decorate is to use washi tape to make a tree outline on your wall, I reccomend adding a bow on the top too, it adds a lot!


The best way to decorate is to add christmas lights! I hung some above my bed and over my dresser! It added such a holiday touch to my room.

DIY Holiday Coasters!

One of the easiest DIYs are these coasters! All I did was cut out a square of cardboard and glue a peice of wrapping paper around the square. I don’t reccomend using these for drinks with ice so that they don’t get soaked though, but hot drinks are fine.


DIY Mini Ornament Garland!

Another easy DIY is this mini ornament garland, all you do is get a peice of string and tie on the mini ornaments (I got them from the Target Dollar Spot) and your done!
I hope you enjoyed this post and it gave you some ideas to decorate for the holidays and have a great day!


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