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Room Organization DIYs/Hacks!

Room Organization DIYs/Hacks!


Hey it’s Carly! Today’s post is about organizing your room. These are really easy and not only are they really good for organization, they turned out so cute so they are also room decor!  They are also so incredibly helpful and I have 10 hacks/diy’s to share so let’s just get started!


1. Whiteboard Frame!

This simple hack is genius! All you do is use a whiteboard marker to draw on the glass of frames! It comes of easily with just a finger so this hack is great if you don’t like wasting paper too.


2. DIY Paper Roll Speaker!

I’m not really sure if this counts as organization, but it really helps your music be louder and clearer and was too cool not to share! All you do is cut out an outline of your phone on a paper roll and cut its out. Then you can decorate if if you want and then just place the tacks as shown in the picture above and repeat the placement of the tack on the backside.


3. Use Pretty Boxes to Hide Clutter/Organize Randomness!

The next hack is to hide junk in pretty boxes, I just covered a shoe-box with scrapbook paper and used it to store all my paints, brushes etc.


4. Hang Up Important Papers With Washi Tape!

This hack is AMAZING for when; for example you have a paper you need to fill out and sign, you can temporarily hang it so you don’t forget to do it! I recommend the washi tape that doesn’t stick super great so there is no chance of it being had to get off, mine came off easily.


5. DIY Organizational Boxes!

These are supper easy and super helpful! all you do is cut off the top of bottom of a box and cover it in scrapbook paper and then you can put notebooks or paper inside and put for example a sticky note reminder on the outside!


6. Use File Folders to Avoid Paper Clutter!

The next hack is to organize random papers (like scrapbook paper) into folders so they don’t get lost or disorganized.


7. Paint Jars to Hold Pens/Pencils!

You know those random pens and pencils in the bottom of your drawer or under your bed, this hack gives them a place. I painted my jar ombre by just blending the 2 colors in the middle and I love the way it turned out!


8. Use Gift Bags as Storage!

Whats a easy way to store stuff neatly, a gift bag! You can just fill up a bag with whatever the heck you want and put on a shelf and it is cute and organized.


9. Wrap and Tie Your Earbuds Together With Ribbon!

This hack is very simple, use ribbon or string to tie your earbuds together to keep them tangle-free. Another hack is instead of ribbon to use a binder clip to clip them together.


10. Use Paper Rolls to Organize Cords/Chargers!

The final hack is to wrap your chargers and put them inside paper rolls and this is such a good idea and helps a lot, because one cord not on the ground can make a big difference in how clean your room looks.

I hope you enjoyed this post and it helped you out in organizing your room and have a amazing week!!!


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