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Tumblr-Inspired DIYs! 

Tumblr-Inspired DIYs! 

Hi, it’s Carly. Today’s post is about 3 diy tumblr room decor and they all turned out so cute! Let’s just get started with the diys:

DIY #1 : “Cactus” Pot!

The first DIY is this easy way to make cute fake cactus! This was so cheap because I found most of it in my family’s shed!

1. Begin painting your rocks with lighter shades of green.

2. Let the paint dry and paint the other side.

2.  Then began adding “cactus details” as so:

3. Then just arrange your rocks in your dirt and your done!

And theres your fake cactus pot! 

DIY #2 : Donut Coasters!

The next DIY are these donut painted coasters. I defiantly recommend if you want to have drinks with condensation on these, to spray them with some kind of sealer when your finished!

1. Paint your cardboard white or brown for the base of the donut and let it dry.

2. Then cut out a few circles from the cardboard and draw on a much smaller circle in the middle. 

3. Now you can add the frosting; paint on your frosting leaving the middle “hole” unpainted and let dry.

4. Finally you can colorful add sprinkes to your frosting as so

After finishing painting the rest of your coasters your done!

There are your adorable donut coasters!

DIY #3 : Pom-Pom Bookmarks!

The next DIY are these pom-pom bookmarks! These are so cute and you don’t just have to use these as bookmarks, you could tie them to a bag as a keychain or anything else you can think of!

1. Wrap your yarn around the stabbing – part of the fork.

2. Then after wrapping it about 100 times, get another peice of yarn and wrap the around the middle if the yarn bundle.

3. Then tie it tightly, then cut the sides, making sure not to cut the yarn holding it together.

4. Then trim around your pom-pom to give it shape.

And there’s your pom pom! If my directions where kinda confusing look up “how to make a yarn pom pom” on YouTube. Pom-poms are really easy after you get the hang of it!

So those are my diys inspired by tumblr! I hope you enjoyed these diys and have a awesome week!


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