How to Have a Productive Morning/Day!

How to Have a Productive Morning/Day!

Hey, it’s Carly! Today’s post is some of my favorite tips and hacks on how to a productive morning to lead to a productive day! I have 10 hacks to share so let’s just get started!

10 Tips and Hacks!

1. Look up and Read Inspirational Quotes!

I love looking up quotes and inspiration on Pinterest because motivate me. Like when you don’t want get out bed for example, you could read through until your motivated!

2. Have a Semi-Heathy Breakfast!

Having good food will just make you feel motivated and good, so instead of really lazy you will feel more inspired!

3. Put Your Alarm Across Your Room!

Doing this means that you HAVE to get out of bed to turn off your alarm so it’s way less likely for you to just go back to bed.

4. Make Your Bed!!!

Making your bed right away is great for so many reasons!  First of all after making your bed you’ve done something so you feel productive and then you can’t just go back to bed!

5. Move/Be Active in the Morning!

Getting your metabolism going in the morning will help you feel less lazy so whether it’s a fun or just send yoga in your room I defiantly recommend getting active.

6. Make To Do Lists!

I include this tip is so many of my posts but they are just so dang helpful! They lay out everything you have to do so your don’t forget anything and it feels so good to check things off your list!

7. Prepare the Night Before!

Setting out what you need before makes sure you don’t forget anything, especially when you don’t have much time in the mornings!

8. Wake up to a Clean Room!

Waking up to a clean room will make you more motivated to conquer the day instead of just being lazy and doing things sloppy!

9. Play Upbeat Music!

Playing upbeat music is so motavating and will keep you happy! So instead of rap or sad songs, play some happy ones to inspire you!

10.Today’s a New Day!

Don’t get hung up on yesterday! Today is a fresh day for a fresh start and you can make the most of it!

I hope you enjoyed this post and have an awesome day/night! 

– Carly 

P.S Thank you sooooooo much for way over 50 followers!!! It means so much♡

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