Fall Favorites 2016!

Fall Favorites 2016!

Hey guys! First of all, I’m so sorry for the lack of posts recently, I’m working on a bunch of posts right now (including some diys!) and I can’t wait to be able to post them! Today’s post is 10 of my favorite things in fall! I have fashion, decor and and lot of random stuff but let’s just get started with my fall favorites for 2016!

1. Good Books!

My first essential/favorite is a good book! I love reading all the time but fall is my favorite time for reading. 

2. Fuzzy/Warm Socks!

My next favorite is fuzzy socks. Fall is obviously cold and warm socks can really warm you up! My favorites are the ones that are like meant for pajamas.

3. Warm/Dark Nail Polishes!

My third favorite is darker tones and shades of nail polish. My favorites are maroon and oranges.

4.  CANDLES!!!

This is probably the most basic fall thing ever, but lighting candles just gives an awesome and calm vibe.(I love to light them when working on homework or cleaning specifically)

5. Darker Lip-Shades!

 I love wearing a darker lip in the fall it just gives off a good, fall vibe. Specifically a pink with a tint of orange and some light sparkle!

6. Tea, Apple Cider, Coffee etc.

 I absolutely love having a warm drink in the fall, not only does it warm you up, but it is a HUGE classic. My favorites are spiced apple cider and peppermint tea.

7. Fall Phone Lockscreen/Wallpaper!

A great way to get into the fall vibe is to change the thing your always looking at to a fall theme! My favorites are all on my Pinterest. (artsysmartz123).

8. Make or Find a Fall Music Playlist!

What better way to get in the fall mood than to listen to some fall music? I have a few fall play lists but my favorite is on my spotify. (artsysmartz123)

9. Blankets & Pillows!

I think that fuzzy anything IS just fall/winter and one of my favorite ways to decorate is to add a fall toned blanket to my bed, along with some fall patterned pillows!

10. Watch Fall TV, Movies, Videos!

Halloween movies in bed with tea, blankets and pillows, sounds perfect right!?! I LOVE watching halloween tv and movies and it can really get you in the fall mood.

I hope you enjoyed this post and it helped you get in the fall mood and have an awesome day/night!


5 thoughts on “Fall Favorites 2016!

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