How to Make Money as a Kid or Teen!

How to Make Money as a Kid or Teen!

Hey guys, it’s Carly. First of all I am so sorry that I haven’t been posting very consistently in the last month or so! I will be posting more consistently for the rest of the summer! Also I’m going to start my Back to School series soon so leave any requests down below! 

Today’s post is 10 easy ways to make money as a kid or teen! So let’s just get started with the ways to make money!

1. Do chores!

Yeah I know, not the most fun, but if you ask your mom she’ll most likely give you bunch of things, such as laundry, cleaning etc.

2. Help out your neighbors!

Chances are there are people in your neighborhood right now that could need help with something, whether it’s lawn mowing or setting up for an event.

3. Sell your old stuff!

You could earn so much selling your old stuff and have cleaner room too!

4. Tutor or Give Lessons!

If you are really good in a specific subject you can start your mini tutor business!

5. Sell Crafts!

If enjoy crafting you could start an etsy shop and sell almost anything you enjoy making.

6. Babysit or Petsit!

Taking care of children or pets is really fun and really well paying!

7. Have a Bake Sale!

If you enjoy baking you can sell the treats you make and the baking part is really fun!

8. Wash Cars!

Very basic, very simple! You can start a mini car wash with friends or just wash your parents cars.

9. Complete online surveys!

There are so many company’s out there that need YOUR opinion on their products. You can earn anything from gift cards to just straight cash!

10. Walk Dogs!

So many people need help giving their dogs excersixe whether they’re injured or just don’t have time, so not only will you be helping out your neighbors, but you’ll be making money too!

So I hope that you enjoyed this post and these tips helped you out! Have an amazing week!! xo♡

– Carly

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