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Fourth of July DIYs!

Fourth of July DIYs!

Hey guys, it’s Carly. Today I have a post with a bunch of 4th of July DIYs. I have a DIY decoration, a treat and a photo booth! I hope you enjoy this post and get some inspiration from it! Let’s just get started with the first DIY!

Starting with the DIY decor, I made a red-white-blue star wall hanging.

To made this wall hanging you will need:

  • Blue, Red and White Card-stock
  • Scissors
  • A pen or pencil
  • A hot-glue gun
  • String

First I made 3 star templates.

Next I traced each template on to a different color of card-stock and cut all of the stars out.

Then I glued the stars together as so:

I then just made more stars the same way, I made 2 strands of 4.

Next I hot-glued the back of the stars on to a piece of string like so:

Finally just hang up the individual stands with tape or glue them to a wooden dowel.

Moving on to this amazingly easy and really delicius treat.

All you need is vanilla ice-cream, raspberries  and blueberries. Just put it all in a bowl and your done! Its really easy, but really good!

Next the DIY photo booth!

On my photo booth I used the hanging wall decor I made earlier as the background. I just hung it on my wall to make a really cute backdrop that looks amazing in photos!

I then made some really easy (and cheap) props. I made a mustache and some nerdy glasses! To make them you will need:

  • Prop shapes (printed from Google images)
  • Printer Paper
  • Red and Blue Pens
  • Scissors
  • Cardboard or Posterboard

First I cut out the prop shape outlines and then traced them on to the cardboard.

Then cut that out. (If you have insides like me use an exacto knife, be careful though!)

Then I covered my cardboard with blank printer paper (this step is unnecessary if you are using white Poster board).

Next I glued my straw on to the back of my shape as so:

Then I decorated my prop with my blue and red pens and your done!

I also made a mustache and a pair of star glasses.
Here’s my finished photo booth! It was so much fun to mess around with the props and funny poses with my friends, so you should defiantly try this one out!

I hope you enjoyed this festive post and have a great day!


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