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DIY Dream Catcher!

DIY Dream Catcher!

Let’s just get started with this Cochella-inspired dream catcher!!!

You will need:

1. Cut a semi-long piece of string of your choice and glue the end on to the metal ring:

2. Then start wrapping that string around the hoop as so,

When your entire hoop is covered secure the end with glue and cut off the excess string

Then cut a medium-sized piece of string, fold it in half and thread it under the ring as so:

Then pull the 2 unfolded ends through the loop like this:

Tighten and you should then have a knot that looks just like this,

Lets move on the inside, tie a piece of string(I used hemp) onto the outside rim of the metal hoop.

Then leaving about a inch of room tie your string around the hoop as so,

Continue repeating those steps all the way around the hoop:

Then add a second layer of string by tying the knots in the middle of the previous loops as so:

Continue repeating to  make more rows until you have reached th middle.Remember this doent have to be perfect, most dreamcatchers arent!

Then trim the excess string.

Thenn began tying on string to the bottem the same way you tyed the string on the top.

You can use any string you want and I even used old necklace chains!

You can add as much or as little string as you want.

I hope you enjoyed this post!!


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