How to Stay Organized: Life Hacks and Tips!  

How to Stay Organized: Life Hacks and Tips! 

I feel as if I have been so much more organized in last year and I wanted to share my top tips with you! Let’s get started!

1. Use a Planner!!!!

I can’t stress this enough, your life will be so organized once you you get a planner and really use it! Write down everything from to do lists to errands! I use free printables from Pinterest to decorate and add some extra organization to my planner. I also use sticky flags for things that can change such as presentations and due dates.

2. Keep your desk surface clean!

If your desk is really messy or just has a lot of stuff displayed on it you will get distracted a lot more easily. You can also lose papers  and if you have food or drinks you can spill them on your homework and other important paperwork!

3.Make a “To Do” list!

I love “to do” list because they lay out so simply what you have to do. Then you can just check each thing off when your done!

4.Keep a clean room!

I know so basic, but when your room is messy then you can’t find anything and then you can’t be productive!!!!:mrgreen:

5. Use sticky notes!

Write something down that’s super important to remember, then put it in a place you see a lot so you can’t forget it! For example, you have to remember to pick up your friend on the way to school and you put the sticky note on your backpack, then when you pick up your backpack you’ll remember to pick her up!

6. Use the alarm on your phone!

Then when it hosts off , for example, 1. You will know it’s time to leave,  2. You have to bring extra shoes! Tip: Turn off snooze in alarm settings!!!

I hope that you enjoyed this post and these tips help you out!


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